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1 Facility Staffing Levels: Maintenance, Custodial, and Grounds ...
Nationally, the median number of square feet per FTE for the maintenance staff is 50,000; 22 percent of respondents reported that they ...
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2 How Many Maintenance Staff or Custodians or Grounds ...
Find out just how many maintenance staff or custodians or grounds personnel you should have per square foot in this post.
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3 Appendix A Estimated Operations and Maintenance Staffing ...
The report lists overall maintenance staffing levels based on facility size and a staffing ratio of one maintenance FTE per 47,000 rentable square feet. The ...
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4 Facility Management (FM) Planning - BOMI International
Divide the square footage by the number of facility staff to get a rough idea of how much staff is required to provide service for your inventory as it ...
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OPERATIONS AND MAINTENANCE BENCHMARKS FOR HEALTH CARE FACILITIES. COMMITTEE ... Environmental Services Staffing ... Maintenance staffing per square foot.
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6 Using Benchmarking to Establish Staffing Levels for Your ...
Figure 1 — Area Maintained per FTE Maintenance Worker: Provided courtesy of FM BENCHMARKING Filters: Type of facility (Office); Size 250,000 — 599,999 SF.
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7 Custodial and Grounds Maintenance Square Footage per ...
Total number of staff: Nineteen custodians, and three lead custodians. • Total of square footage per custodian 44,038 square feet per ...
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8 Facility Management Staffing Report - Knowledge Library
a ratio of FM staff to square footage managed. By ... Computerized Maintenance Management System ... footage managed per FM staff member. Most Active.
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9 Maintenance Staffing - Victor Valley College
The formulas for grounds staffing, as indicated in the references, based upon the square footage per category, would require the following number of grounds ...
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10 Staffing Considerations - National Apartment Association
staffing budgets. Overview: Regarding onsite personnel, the age-old, general rule is one office staff and one maintenance staff per 100 ...
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11 Facility Managers: Defend Your Staffing Levels - Legacy FM
It offers an FTE (full-time equivalent) per square foot number that isn't ... Operation and maintenance for a high-rise hospital in an urban ...
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12 Tricks Of The Trade: Facilities Staff Allocation
... question with a new twist: can you allocate staff per square foot? ... by custodial workers (24,167) and maintenance workers (95,120).
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higher the gross square feet per staff, the lower the level of cleanliness and maintenance. Adding new buildings without adding staff has increased the work ...
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14 Facility Ratios | IFMA San Diego
Number and cost for maintenance staff. Number and cost for custodial services. Utility costs. Facilities budget. Occupancy Ratios. Rentable square feet per ...
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15 Annual Maintenance Planning -
teachers, maintenance staff, grounds crew, office staff, etc. ... Sq. Ft. Area. APPA. Operational. Level. Staffing per Area.
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16 New Facility Strategies and FM Staffing Models Emerge Post ...
metrics, and that planning purely on the basis of “per square foot” metrics, ... engineering, maintenance, and custodial; and reflect population served for ...
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17 Maintenance Staffing Standards
Other building components that are more naturally continuous are measured in units such as linear or square feet. Examples include piping, wiring and cables, ...
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18 How to Save $2.5 Million On Justice Facility Maintenance - CGL
surveys indicate a cost range of $30-65 per square foot, which sounds reasonable compared ... maintenance personnel leads to increased deferred maintenance.
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19 Operation and Maintenance in Office Buildings - ACEEE
Additional staff (per 100,000 square feet) involved in the operation and maintenance are .84 of a building operator, .33 of an facility manager, .26.
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20 facilities_maintenance.pdf - Portland Public Schools
My review of building maintenance in the Portland Public Schools ... shops are composed of over 60,000 square feet of shop space and workers use 102 ...
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21 Maintenance of New Facilities | CSU - California State University
... Faculty & Staff · Administration · Auxiliary Organizations · CSU Budget ... maintenance of these facilities is calculated at $11.41 per square foot for ...
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22 Facility management employees by square footage ... - Statista
› Services › Business Services
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per square foot cost reported for custodial staffing is $1.11 and $1.13 per square foot for maintenance staffing — these figures derived from the All ...
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24 Sonoma County Deferred Maintenance Staff Report
average, Facility Managers on the Pacific Coast spend $4.07 per square foot for building maintenance. Average maintenance costs by facility ...
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25 MaintenancePlan.pdf - St. Mary's County Government
Maintenance Cost per Sq. Ft. --. $1.82. $1.56. $1.94. 1.6. STAFFING LEVELS. During the past decade, the Building Services Division has contended with ...
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26 Facilities Management Departments - NCBI Bookshelf
Cover of Facilities Staffing Requirements for the Veterans Health ... Cost per square foot (energy, janitorial or custodial services, general maintenance), ...
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27 IFMA Asia Operations & Maintenance Benchmarking Report ...
International Facility Management Association
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28 Facilities Staffing B enchmark Summary A ssessment
(2018) estimated average healthcare facility size (gross square feet and licensed beds), average plant operations and maintenance department ...
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29 Benchmarking Survey Results of Airport Terminal Facility ...
Parameters surveyed included: Facility square footage, number of airlines and passengers served, average age of buildings, number of maintenance staff,.
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30 Retail facilities maintenance and operations function cost per ...
This measure calculates facilities maintenance and operations function cost per square foot of real estate. This Cost Effectiveness measure is intended to ...
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31 Division of Facilities Management: OMB
... Energy & Environment, Maintenance, Custodial, and Grounds. ... 76,248 average number of square feet maintained per DFM maintenance staff member.
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32 Maitenance man - Florida Department of Education
Figure 6.5: Maintenance Staffing Formula. Example: Community college with 1,500,000 square feet of building space, on four separate campuses. 1,500,000. ÷.
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33 Allocation of Custodians in Comparable School Districts
feet. The standard of 18,000 square feet per custodian represents the ... maintenance staff and custodial staff per student and per square foot for each.
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34 Maintenance and Operations Cost Per Square Foot Go o d
Measure: Operations and Maintenance Cost Per Square Foot. July 2021. Importance. The focus area of fiscal sustainability tells us that being.
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35 Size Matters: Benchmarking Facility Size, Type of Space, and ...
Additional staff (per 100,000 square feet) ... average maintenance costs per square foot, without specifying how the costs might vary based ...
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36 Pelham School District - FACILITY MAINTENANCE PLAN
Management and Maintenance Staffing . ... The actual number of square feet per shift a custodian can clean will depend on additional variables,.
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37 Military Real Property Maintenance: Management - GovInfo
First, DOD lacks basic data that would permit it to compare how much the services spend per square foot on barracks or other common buildings, ...
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38 2019 Total Cost of Ownership Report - Cerritos College
The department assigns custodial staff for all buildings throughout the campus. The cumulative square footage and coverage per custodian is ...
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39 Facilities Management Maintenance & Operations
Maintenance costs which includes salary, benefits and expenses per managed square foot for ETSU are 1, 4$0.57 which is the lowest of all peer comparisons.
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40 Topic: Average # of units per maintenance technician
It's variable depending on the acreage. The larger the community and the more spread out the buildings are, the more staff you'll need. Also the age of the ...
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41 FACILITY MAINTENANCE PLAN (Final Draft – April, 2021)
Management and Maintenance Staffing . ... Building Maintenance Staffing … ... The actual number of square feet per shift a custodian can clean will depend ...
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42 Deferred Maintenance of State Facilities
The lack of an ongoing funding mechanism for routine maintenance results in ... $17.00 per square foot annually, depending on the age and condition of the ...
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43 Hospitals Maintenance | Daniel Penn Associates, LLC
Is your maintenance operating cost per gross square foot (no utilities or environmental services included) close to the national mean of $5.04? If you're too ...
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44 Ongoing Facility Maintenance Guidance -
c) A minimum of $3, subject to inflation, per square foot of building space. ... Do janitorial staff salaries and expenses or contracted janitorial services ...
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45 Operations and Maintenance Benchmarks: - Simplar
The median amount of floor area cleaned per janitor is about 37,000 rentable square feet. The reported staffing levels are for both in-house and contracted ...
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46 Cleaning Operations – APPA
Staffing the Custodial Operation · Raw-square-footage method. Simply take the total number of square feet (e.g., 100,000 square feet) and divide by an expected ...
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47 Benchmarking Facility Size, Type of Space, and Maintenance ...
Additional staff (per 100,000 square feet) ... average maintenance costs per square foot, without specifying how the costs might vary based on whether a ...
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48 Facilities Maintenance | City of Lakeland
Facilities Maintenance maintains approximately 2,700,000 square feet of various building space and performs over 4000 work orders per year with a staff of ...
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49 Projecting Building Maintenance Costs–An Update
I will start out with the current ASHRAE maintenance cost data base, where maintenance cost varied from $0.000 to $7.048 per square foot ...
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50 Strategic Staffing: Part 3—Auxiliary Staff
Books are available for purchase on operational guidelines for custodial, maintenance, and grounds based on square footage and acres being ...
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51 Facility Management: Overview & Best Practices
Facilities are one of your greatest ongoing expenses. Industry benchmark surveys report an average range from $6 to $8 per square foot for annual operating ...
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97 billion square feet (EIA, 2020) and had total annual main- ... pest control workers, and ground maintenance workers, and.
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53 What Schools are Saying about Budget and Staffing Levels:
- In K-12, square feet per employee for Maintenance and Custodial decreases as school enrollment increases; however, acres per Grounds employee increases as ...
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54 Sustainable Facilities Maintenance and Renovation Policy
This policy applies to all facility maintenance activities and all ... least 3,500 cubic feet of outdoor air per square foot has been provided to the space.
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55 Process Improvement in Healthcare Facility Benchmarking
metric in comparing maintenance staffing is the number of FTEs per square foot. A sample of the metrics for stationary engineers is listed below. Figure 3.
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56 Facilities, Real Estate, Energy and Environment - City of Toronto
The cost/square foot includes custodial, building repairs & maintenance, security and utilities costs. ... per rentable sq.ft.
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57 Facilities Use and Management -
building materials and components, maintenance and custodial staff members can be ... footages within published guidelines for square footage per student in ...
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58 Planning Guide for Maintaining School Facilities
in the selection and training of maintenance personnel. Selecting the right ... ies, reengineering projects, annual snapshots (e.g., cost per square foot or.
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59 Facilities/Maintenance – Stats and Facts - SafetyNow ILT
Exterior building maintenance costs about $0.03 per square foot for industrial buildings (BOMA, 2018). Running a piece of equipment to the ...
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60 Fleet Maintenance Office & Shops - Augusta, GA
Consolidating and right sizing Augusta's fleet maintenance facility will allow both the staff and contractor to ... Facility Maintenance: ($2.00 per sq ft).
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61 Determining Levels of Maintenance Staffing - Efficient Plant
Plant staffing levels can be determined by a number of different methods. ... mechanics per replacement cost or technicians per square foot.
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62 What's a good range for Maintenance Per Sq Ft? | StreetEasy
For coops, $1 to $1.25 per square foot are standard. It will be higher if there is outdoor space (about $0.50 per external SF.) Personally once you get ...
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63 Facilities Operations & Maintenance - An Overview | WBDG
Major factors that affect BTU per gross square foot are outside ambient temperature, building load changes, and equipment efficiencies. The ...
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64 36th Annual Maintenance & Operations Cost Study for Schools
Maintenance & Operations Costs (Expressed in median dollars per square foot) ; Other Utilities, $0.25 ; Trash Collection/Disposal, $0.05 ; Total ...
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65 Facilities Maintenance
Move Facilities Maintenance personnel and operations to the new Logistics Service Center location. ... District costs per square foot.
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66 Executive Summary - Mt. SAC
The facility maintenance plans of Mt. SAC and its contractors and related policies ... Observation 3.7- Reporting Metrics- Staffing per Square Foot (sf) of ...
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67 Benchmarking Healthcare Facilities Performance
Facility Square Feet Statistic (which standard?) ... IFMA/ASHE “Operations and Maintenance Benchmarks for ... o Staffing Rates o R&M Costs.
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68 facilities management chapter #1 Flashcards - Quizlet
Provides maintenance staff with a summary of key facts and specifications that ... Costs are best compared on a per-square-foot or -square-meter basis
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69 MaintOperationsAdministrativeG...
Maintenance and Operations Administrative Guidelines for School ... Small-size school district with a total of 1,088,000 square feet, 5 elementary schools ...
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70 Facilities Maintenance Operations - AZSLIDE.COM
28,172 square feet per shift, and custodial staff responsibilities ranged from a high of 76,948 sq. ft. to a low of 17,197 sq. ft. per shift in 2007.ix This ...
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71 Can you Cut Costs in Facility Management and Increase ...
The challenge of facility maintenance for a CFO and facility management is cutting ... time on tools/wrench time, or cost per square foot.
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72 Organizational Study of Facilities Maintenance Fall River, MA
non-labor investment per square foot. School Facilities Department. Responsibilities and Staffing. The responsibilities of the School District's Facilities ...
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73 Facilities 5 Year Plan 1 - Glendale Community College
The two General Maintenance Workers are responsible for all other non- ... 18,000 gross square feet per custodian- we have 600,000 so our needs are 33.
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74 Fort Bend ISD ~ Facilities Management Audit
workforce of 119 craft positions, the overall maintenance staffing is approximately 97,741 square feet per maintenance worker. This ratio is in line with ...
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75 Re Flashcards |
... buildings cleaning and maintenance personnel -formula provides tenants rent will increase A specified amount Per square foot for a specified increase in ...
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76 11 (Costly) Dangers of Deferred Maintenance in Facilities ...
Deferred Maintenance adds up to costly and bigger problems down the ... preventive maintenance is worth $0.33 a square foot with a return on ...
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77 Facilities & Maintenance - Vacaville Unified School District
... at $4.08 per square foot; Commercial/Industrial at $0.66 per square foot. ... The Maintenance and Operations staff respond to approximately 3000 work ...
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78 Predictive Maintenance - AAF International
For buildings between 10 and 25 years old, the average cost of deferred maintenance amounts to $55 per square foot. By contrast, the average cost of ...
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79 Operations & Maintenance Best Practices Guide: Release 3.0
over to the building operating staff with operating problems in place, incomplete documentation, and ... from $0.50 per square foot (/ft2) for “simple”.
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80 Consultants Report on Custodial Services - 7-20-15.pdf
Sq. Ft. Ed Center. 70,000. TOTAL. 1,905,175. Per the scope of work, ... maintenance workers and the pony driver since the benefit and insurance data ...
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81 2 Facilities Management Departments
Thus, effective and efficient operations, maintenance, repair, and modernization of ... Cost per square foot (energy, janitorial or custodial services, ...
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82 Maintenance Management Order
maintenance per tour for staffing study purposes. Table 2-1. Operational Maintenance. Mail Processing Area. Square Feet. Number Assigned To. Oper. Maint.
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83 Organizational Study of Facilities Maintenance Services for ...
Interviewed key facilities maintenance and custodial staff; ... is one maintenance FTE per 300,000 square feet of building. (While the Head Custodian does ...
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84 APPA MAINTENANCE STANDARDS,_Custodial__Grounds).pdf
APPA STANDARDS (Maintenance, Custodial & Grounds) ... This level reflects the first budget cut, or some other staffing- related Inattention problem.
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85 The High Cost of Deferred Maintenance for Ministries
... a 40,000 square foot church. They found $1.9 million in deferred maintenance. If the church had budgeted correctly for maintenance and staffing over the ...
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86 Predictive Maintenance Strategy for Building Operations
Maintenance expenses are almost as big a part of a building's budget as energy costs. Figure 2. A typical facility's maintenance costs per square foot are ...
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87 Real Property Metrics |
Operating and Maintenance Costs per Square Foot; Rent Costs per Square Foot; Reduce the Footprint; Condition Index; Square Feet per Person.
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88 A Facility Maintenance Plan Template Customizable to Your ...
Staffing levels must not be less than 2 mechanics and technicians per 10,000 square feet. With the current [insert your facility size] square feet of ...
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89 WV Code § 18-9A-9 - West Virginia Legislature§ion=9
... a state average expenditure per square foot for operations and maintenance; ... support personnel as determined in §18-9A-4 and §18-9A-8 of this code.
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90 College and University Business Administration - NACUBO
$4.84 per gross square foot for their facilities operating ... administration to ongoing maintenance and sustainability. THE FACILITIES ORGANIZATION.
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Facility Services maintains 1.6M square feet, clos- ... comparison, costs per gross square foot (GSF) for custodial and maintenance, cost per acre.
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92 Facilities Management - University of Arizona
... and efficiently provide maintenance, operational services and utilities services ... staff and students in pursuit of excellence in their individual and ...
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93 What Do Annual House Maintenance Costs Look Like? - UpNest
Another rule for calculating cost of maintenance is by size. We suggest at least $1 per square foot. So, a regular 2,500 sq. ft. house might ...
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94 Executive Summary - St. Mary's County Public Schools
the average change per category is $225.23 or 29% per FTE student. The maintenance cost per square foot budget has decreased $0.26 sq. ft. from $1.54 per ...
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95 Rental Property Maintenance Expenses: How to Estimate ...
Square Footage Rule: Set aside $1 per square foot for annual maintenance costs. A 2,000 square-foot rental will need $2,000 in maintenance ...
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96 Utility costs - Albuquerque Public Schools
Utility costs per square foot. ... through conservation measures being implemented by building occupants as well as maintenance and operations personnel.
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97 What is Facility Management in Real Estate? - SpaceIQ
Do you have the maintenance staff to take on 10,000 square feet of additional space? ... Average number of tickets worked per maintenance staff member ...
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