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1 [Q] How to know my current HBOOT version? - XDA Forums
[Tutorial] S-Off & Root EVO 3D GSM All-Hboot 1.49 ... - XDA ...
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2 How can i find the HBOOT version of my evo 3d? - I`m trying to root ...
› How_can_i_find_the_HB...
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3 How to Root HTC Evo 3D! [2.17.651.5+][HBOOT 1.50] - YouTube
Dr.E (Max Lee)
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4 How to Root and S-OFF the HTC EVO 3D - YouTube
Tim Schofield
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5 How to Downgrade HBOOT 1.50 to 1.40 on HTC Evo 3D!
Dr.E (Max Lee)
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6 How to Boot Into EVO 3D Bootloader - HBOOT
If you don't plan to access HBOOT for a while, I would recommend turning Fast Boot back on: Settings > Power > Fast boot (check the box). It really does save a ...
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7 [CDMA] Changing hboot version? - HTC EVO 3D | Android Forums
I have hboot 1.58. Is it possible to change the version without having s-off?
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8 S-Off Evo 4G LTE - Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange
With S-On but the bootloader unlocked, I believe you can flash an official stock Firmware (and downgrade) Then Soff again. After getting S-OFf, ungrade ...
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9 Hboot 1.49.0018 | Joseph Lo's Tech Blog
The first line shows that the bootloader is locked. · The second line shows the HTC codename of the EVO3D. The EVO3D has a CDMA version and a GSM ...
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10 HTC EVO 3D bootloop when trying to install custom rom s-on ...
I'm not as familiar with the gsm hboot versions as I have a cdma phone. From what I remember, the hboot 1.53.007 is the most recent stock hboot.
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11 [SOLVED] Unable to get 3G on my HTC Evo 3D (but 1X works?)
Thanks in advance! (FWIW, I am currently on rooted stock build based on 2.89.651.2, PRL version 22098, Android 4.03). 0 ...
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12 CDMA HTC EVO 3D ICS upgrade includes new HBOOT, can ...
If you're not in the root game yet and realizing now that this is most likely the last major operating system upgrade the EVO 3D is going to get ...
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13 Htc One S Hboot 2.16 Download [PORTABLE]
2.16.0001 Official Hboot files for HTC One S Htc Evo 4g ... Backgroud in HD. . Htc One S Handheld Firmware Download latest version.
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14 Sprint activation, need stock ROM for rooted phone. - iFixit,+need+stock+ROM+for+rooted+phone.
I may add some info later about 4G service if needed or if my HBOOT or other info was changed. ( its working why change HBOOT version etc ).
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15 HTC Evo 3D (GSM) (shooteru) - CyanogenMod Roms
The Revolutionary tool will also install ClockworkMod Recovery. Supported version(s) of HBOOT for the Evo 3D (GSM): 1.49.0007, 1.49.0008. Windows Only: Download ...
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16 HTC Evo 4G LTE Gets S-OFF for Latest 2.09 Hboot - Wccftech
If you have an HTC EVO 4G LTE and have accepted the latest Jelly Bean on the air update, your Hboot would have been updated to the version 2.09.
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17 Update Evo 3D CDMA to Latest Update 2.17.651.5 ( Rooted + ...
If you are on Hboot v1.4, you can download the file, rename it to ... You have updated your EVO 3D CDMA to the latest firmware version 2.17.
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18 HTC S-OFF and Load Rom's - JailRoot
Revolutionary currently supports the following Android phones and HBOOT versions: HTC Desire (bravo) 0.93.0001, 1.02.0001; HTC Desire CDMA (bravoc) 1.06.
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19 [Tuto] Downgrade de toutes les version de Hboot HTC Evo 3D
DOWNGRADE DE TOUTES LES VERSIONS DE HBOOT DU HTC EVO 3D Comment Downgrader toutes les versions de Hboot du HTC Evo 3D Avertissement : Cette ...
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20 How To S-OFF On HTC Flyer Tablet With Revolutionary [Guide]
You just need to check HBoot version of HTC Flyer, which must be 1.10.0000, and you are ready to S-OFF. revolutionary-title - Copy.
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Current and past versions of TWRP can be found at one of the mirrors below: Primary (Americas) · Primary (Europe). TWRP Install (Requires TWRP 2.8.4 or ...
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22 Htc ruu -
HTC One M8 Flashing a RUU of TWRP Recovery in Hboot RUU = Rom Update ... so Upgrade to newest version firmware on you device, htc ruu firmware update you ...
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23 How To Gain S-Off, Flash a Custom Recovery, and Root Your ...
HTC Evo 3D (shooter) 1.30.0000 and 1.40.0000 ... I have updated htc desire to stock gingerbread and hboot version is now 1.02 and it dosnt ...
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24 HTC Evo 4G [Archive] - PPCGeeks forum
Need Help Rooting Evo w/ HBoot 2.18 · How to unlock/root new Evo. What is the best Rom right now? need help with unlocking/rooting htc evo 4g ...
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25 XDA on Twitter: "Android: HTC EVO 3D HBoot Downgrade ...
Android: HTC EVO 3D HBoot Downgrade Live CD Available · 12:30 PM · Mar 30, 2012 ·XDA-Developers.
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26 EVO 3D GSM Android Development -
1_S-off from if hboot 1.49.0009-> 1.53.0007 or ... up a UNIVERSAL MIUI installer for both CDMA and GSM versions of the Evo 3D.
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27 HBOOT Downgrade Live CD (Android) - CompChris
... CD for users of the HTC EVO 3D community to downgrade their bootloader ... to the previously exploited version 1.40 for a clean, full bootloader unlock ...
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28 HTC EVO 3D GSM - Firmware
If you have version HBOOT 1.49.0018 - read the instructions below! * If you get to this root through HTC-Dev site, it is likely that you have unlocked ...
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29 The Easiest Way to Unlock the Bootloader on Your HTC EVO ...
Unlocking Your Bootloader · Hold "Vol -" as you restart your device. Sometimes the phone will not detect the volume down key being held that way.
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30 EVO 3D HBOOT 1.49.0012 need S-OFF - GSM-Forum
Version 1.49.0012 eMMC. After some searching... An hboot downgrading to 1.49.0007 i found out that you need to restore with original firmware, ...
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31 HTC Desire HD (htc-ace) - PostmarketOS wiki
To check that this worked, just run adb reboot-bootloader again and check that your HBOOT version is at least 2.00.0029. How to unlock. Assuming ...
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32 How To Gain S-OFF On HTC EVO 3D With Revolutionary
Within the Beta Key box, you will be provided with options such as operating System, HBOOT Version, Serial number fields, etc. Select options according to the ...
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33 HBOOT 1.5 With S-ON on EVO 3D Succesfully Downgraded[email protected]/msg354957.html
Now, keep in mind that this guide (the one on this article) is ONLY for the CDMA version of the EVO 3D. The GSM version has its HBOOT ...
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34 Tag Archives: android - The (Code) Den
Just for the info, the first is the official name, in the brackets is the codename and the numbers after are the versions of HBOOT supported, which you can see ...
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35 root | Mindaugo blogas -
Simply power down the phone completely and then power it back up whilst holding the "Vol Down" button. You'll see the HBOOT version listed at ...
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36 [HTC EVO 3D] Unlock, recovery, root, ROM, hạ hboot - Tinhte
› Điện thoại › Android
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37 HTC Evo 3D HBoot -
Hallo, Ich habe das Evo 3D seit ca. 1 Woche und wollte mal ein Beats Audio Rom flashen, aber ich habe die Hboot Version x.xx.xx18 aber ich ...
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38 November 2011 - Droid Hype
For some HTC Evo 3d users with HBOOT version at 1.5, flashing custom kernels is pretty much impossible with your standard recovery install.
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39 HTC Evo 3D GSM Development *FULL LIST* - 10.02.2012
[Tutorial] [UNLOCK/ROOT] EVO 3D GSM Hboot 1.49.0009 + S-On [Only Indian Version] [Tutorial] Fix WiFi Error (EVO 3D GSM Only)
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40 Povedl se vám downgrade na 1.49? - Android Fórum
HTC Evo 3D - ROM/ROOT/FW ⇒ [NÁVOD] Instalace Android 4.4/5.1 pro HBOOT 1.53.0007 - již ... ale napsal main version is older nebo neco takovýho já nevim, ...
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41 RIFF JTAG – HTC EVO 3D CDMA Unbrick, Unlock, IMEI ...
... re-write PDA's HBOOT version 1.50.0000. There is option to reflash BOOT and RECOVERY zones. To resurrect HTC Evo3D CDMA (PG8610000):.
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42 HTC Evo 3d -
Baka hindi compatible sa hboot mo yung rom. O baka cdma version yung rom mo. Check mo muna ulit yung rom kung anong required hboot.
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43 ROMs y desarrollo HTC EVO 3D [Archivos] -
Ver la Versión Completa : ROMs y desarrollo HTC EVO 3D ... Tutorial downgrade hboot 1.49.0018 vodafone · ROMeOS3D; Consulta Alguna Rom Estilo Sensation XE ¿ ...
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44 Firmware Change/Update on HTC Evo 3D -
Main-Ver = bootloader, if you have to flash your phone, and your phone main-ver is 2, then you need to flash your mobile with rom which main-ver is 2 or higher, ...
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45 Installing Jelly Bean on HTC One X: Upgrade HBOOT and ...
If your factory sealed HTC One X came with Android Ice Cream Sandwich, it must have come with HBOOT version 0.43. As per one of the basic ...
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46 HTC Evo 3D review - The Verge
Joanna did a great job highlighting the new Sense with her Flyer review; the Evo 3D's version (3.0) is just about the same, so I'll be a bit ...
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Tentokrát se prodával za krásných 7500 korun telefon HTC EVO 3D. ... device vyberte HTC EVO 3D GSM; A v poslední roletce HBOOT version vyberte 1.49.0007 ...
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48 How to root HTC EVO 3d on Hboot 1.50 android 2.3.4
Ive tried to root this Evo 3d on hboot 1.50 on 2.3.4 I tried using the RUU but it fails. How do I root this damn thing?
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49 [AIDE] Evo 3d hboot 1.49.0011 CID 044
Salut a tous . j ai un htc evo 3d avec un hboot 1.49.0011 et cid 044 ... A propos du téléphone > Informations logicielles > version de rom
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50 HTC EVO 3D S-NO改S-OFF - 手机数据恢复
打开HTC EVO 3D后盖,查看电池仓内的 S/N 码,并用笔记下; ... device: 后,选择您手机的型号 HTC EVO 3D. c. 在HBOOT version: 后,选择您刚才用笔记录HBOOT版本号.
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51 Root - Android Tutoriály -
Root - HTC Sensation XE/HTC Sensation/HTC Sensation XE/HTC EVO 3D ... HBOOT version – (tvoje číslo HBOOT)
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52 ROM下載|HTC EVO 3D S-OFF教程詳解新手解鎖必看 - Android
廢話不多說,下面我們就來看看具體的HTC EVO 3D解鎖教程吧。 HTC EVO 3D S-OFF解鎖步驟 ... 的型號HTC EVO 3D. 3.在HBOOT version: 後,選擇您剛才用筆記錄HBOOT版本號.
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53 HTC EVO 3D(X515)获取ROOT完整教程 - 百度经验
HTC EVO 3D(X515)获取ROOT完整教程,开始前注意:使用本教程解锁S-OFF,将恢复您手机的 ... c、在HBOOT version: 后,选择您刚才用笔记录HBOOT版本号.
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54 Refresh Roundup: week of August 15, 2011 | Engadget
[via SprintFeed]; Speaking of the HTC EVO 3D, the bootloader unlock tool is now ... which should be resolved by installing version 4.5.602.
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55 [HELP] Reboot en boucle sur htc evo 3D
Je peux juste passer en HBOOT, ensuite le Recovery ne fonctionne pas, là encore on revient au HBOOT. Je peux prendre le contrôle en ...
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56 Flash File HTC EVO 3D - ResetFree
First, turn off your HTC EVO 3D Android Mobile by holding down the power button. · After that, Hold the Volume Down + Power Button together for a few seconds.
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57 HTC ONE X hboot Version Downgraden? -
Ich habe ein sehr großes Problem mit meinem HTC ONE X. Seit dem Flashen einer Custom ROM steckt es in einer bootloop fest. Ich habe vorher kein Backup ...
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58 آنلاک کردن Htc EVO 3D-Hboot 7 & 8 از طریق سایت رسمی ... - انجمن
ابزار مورد نیاز : برنامه Sun Java SE Runtime Environment دانلود hTC Sync v3.0.5511. Adb-fastboot مراحل قبل از آغاز کار
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59 Kyosera jax s1360 - Kyocera - HowardForums
I make clone from kyocera s1360 to HTS EVO 3D.Clone is working I can call and send mesege,but DATA ... 3 down hboot til version 1.40.0000
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60 HTC EVO 3D S-OFF全過程 - Android教程網
打開HTC EVO 3D後蓋,查看電池倉內的S/N 碼,並用筆記下; ... 選擇您手機的型號HTC EVO 3D c. 在HBOOT version: 後,選擇您剛才用筆記錄HBOOT版本號
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61 HTC EVO 3D GSM - Прошивка - 4PDA
zip). 2. Записываем скачаный файл на SD-карточку, желательно в корень. 3. Выключаем телефон, включаем удерживая кнопку Volume(-), попадаем в HBOOT. 4. Кнопкой ...
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62 HTC EVO 3D Flash File Download [Stock ROM or Firmware]
What is Android Flashing? Android Flashing means removing stock firmware (Software) from android device and replace with same version or any other version.
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63 Firmware for HTC Evo 3D (Black)
Install the application to your device. Run the application. Select the needed version. Enter your Email address to which the firmware and the app will be sent.
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64 Root htc evo 3d with hboot 1.53.0007 - Phones and Tablets - Linus ...
› ... › Phones and Tablets
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65 How To Root The HTC Evo 3D - FlexiSPY Blog
Step 5 – Root the HTC Evo 3D · Open a command prompt on your desktop (hold down Shift and right click any empty area on the desktop) and choose ' ...
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66 Confirmed: EVO 3D's Bootloader, Recovery, and Kernel ...
Update: If you've somehow inexplicably ended up at this article, please note, HTC has since announced the 3D will be unlocked (at some ...
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