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1 What is the procedure if the chairman of a cooperative ... - Quora
Vice chairman should call a governing body meeting to decide the matter. Chairman may be requested to take back the resignation or it may be accepted.
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2 Cooperative Housing Society Secretary ... - LettersFormats
The secretary can resign for any reason. The resignation letter of the secretary is generally addressed to the Chairman or President of the society. Otherwise, ...
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3 Cooperative society chairman resignation - Kaanoon
Meeting of managing committee has to be called to elect new chairman · 1) You can make complaint to registrar of Cooperative Housing Society of Thane area. · The ...
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4 Chairman resignation - Societyhive
Dear sir, currently the chairman of our society has resigned. please let me now what to do. I am secretary of our society.
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5 Resignation Letter For A Society Chairman(5 Samples)
My purpose in writing this letter is to announce that I am resigning from my position as the Secretary of the Housing Society, effective two ...
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6 Housing Society Model Bye Law No 110 to 140
A Member of the Committee may, by a letter addressed to the Chairman of the Society, resign his Membership of the committee. The resignation shall be ...
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7 Co Operative housing society secretary resignation letter format
Respected Chairman,. I would like to inform you that I am resigning from my position as Secretary at the XYZ Co- ...
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8 Inquiry about resigning as co-operative society secretary
My father is the secretary of our co-operative housing society for last 4 ... go ahead with a resignation and stop performing his duties if Chairman (who is ...
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9 Need resignation letter of chairman of housing society?
Good day! I wrote this letter to inform you that I will me resigning from my position as the chairman of our society.
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10 How to resign from the position of housing society - LawRato
As per instructions provided by you. If you are secretary of housing society and chairman not accepting your resign firstly you hav to present your application ...
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11 Housing society Chairman and Secretary both resigned
Dear Sir, I am the president of a housing society in Virar, Maharashtra. Owing to bad relations between me and my secretary, I resigned. The following ...
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12 A resignation tendered by a Chairman of a Cooperative ...
The facts of the case were that the petitioner was disqualified from continuing as a Director of respondent no.1 Credit Cooperative Society on ...
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13 N.Divakaran vs The Joint Registrar Of ... on 30 July, 2014
9.5.2009 at 10 a.m. the President convened the Managing committee meeting and referred the resignation letter to the Joint Registrar of Co-operative Societies, ...
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14 Cooperative Housing Society Secretary Resignation Letter Draft
The board of directors of a cooperative housing society (CHS) is responsible for the management. The Secretary is the society's chief executive officer ...
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15 Form of Resignation from Membership of Society - Societynmore
The Form of Notice of Resignation from membership of the Society by a member. To. The Secretary, ... Co-operative Housing Society Ltd., having address at .
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16 resignation+society | Indian Case Law - Casemine
...the receipt of the letter of resignation by the Chairman or the Secretary of the Society, whichever is earlier. He submitted that in the present case, the ...
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17 Adarsh Housing Society Chairman Brig M M Wanchoo resigns
M M Wanchoo, Chairman of Adarsh Cooperative Housing Society and key accused in the multi-crore Housing scam, has resigned from the post due ...
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18 What Is a Committee Resignation Letter? (With Template)
This can help you ensure you provide enough notice to a committee chairman to find someone to fill your position after you leave and are able to ...
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19 FAQ – Managing Committee - Gujarat Cooperative Societies
Members want election based on position (Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer etc.) ... By giving resignation as the member of the Committee, ...
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cooperative Housing Society, by whatever name called, to which ... signed and by the Chairman, the Secretary and one Member of the Committee,.
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21 Mumbai: Three members of Kapole society board resign over ...
After mid-day reported about the accusations of corruption levelled against the office-bearers of Kapole Cooperative Housing Society (CHS), ...
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22 application for resignation of society's membership
APPLICATION FOR RESIGNATION OF SOCIETY'S MEMBERSHIP. To,. The Chairman/ Secretary. The U.B.I.Emp. Co-op. Credit Societ~~ Ltd.
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23 Maharashtra Co-operative Housing Society Bye Laws
An Associate Member may resign his membership any time by writing the letter of resignation to the Secretary of the Society, through the member, with whom he ...
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24 Co-Operative Housing Society — Secretary's resignation
Consumer complaints and reviews about Co-Operative Housing Society - Secretary's resignation. Co-Operative Housing Society contact information and services ...
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25 Housing Society Committees: Elections & Maintenance Charges
A housing society is a cooperative, governed by a committee that is voted into ... The chairman, treasurer and secretary of a building may be removed by the ...
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26 When Can I apply for the Post of Secretary Again - NoBroker
You must have filled up the resignation form (link given below) as per Bye-law no 27(a) So know that after serving 3 months notice period, a new member ...
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27 Bye-Laws Chapter XI -
The Chairman of the society may resign his office as Chairman by a letter ... The Administration and Management of the Co-operative Housing Society is ...
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28 Model Bye-laws of National level Cooperative Society/Federal ...
state Cooperative Societies Rules 2002 to ensure that the bye-laws framed are ... Such delegate of the society shall be the Chairman/President or the Chief ...
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29 Bye-Laws Housing Maintenance
Printed by R. K. Pikale, Chairman, The Goa State State Co-operative ... (d) Acceptance of resignation where no charges of the society are outstanding.7.
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30 Rules and procedures for Housing Society Elections - MyGate
In the case of equality of votes, the chairman shall have a second or casting vote. What is the basic principle followed for voting in a co-operative society?
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31 Roles & Responsibilities of Managing Committee & Society ...
A Cooperative Housing Society runs smoothly only when the managing committee members take ... Elected members are happy to be chosen as Chairman, Secretary, ...
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32 Removing Chairman without involving Registrar
My first advice to member of cooperative housing societies having any question about your membership right and its management, is to exercise ...
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33 Bombay High Court
of Section 73-CB of the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act, 1960 and ... his resignation as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of ...
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34 Chairman of a Cooperative Housing Society- Role and ...
According to the rule stated in the Maharashtra Cooperative Societies Act, every registered housing society need to elect a Chairman to head ...
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35 Procedure to dissolve the society committee or remove the ...
The Chairman of cooperative housing society can be removed by members of the managing committee as provided in Bye-Law No 126(a), ...
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36 Adarsh Housing Society Chairman Brig M M Wanchoo resigns
Brigadier (retd) M M Wanchoo, Chairman of Adarsh Cooperative Housing Society and key accused in the multi-crore Housing scam, has resigned ...
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37 How to Write a Housing Society Secretary Resignation Letter
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38 Sample Resignation Letters
If you want to resign from a co-op, practicum or internship experience, ... For more information on resigning, such as how much notice to provide, ...
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39 Model Bye-Laws of The Co-Operative Housing Societies
(i) 'Act' means the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act; (MCS Act) 1960; ... letter, addressed to the Chairman of the Society, resign his membership of ...
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40 FAQ |
What are the conditions for registration of Cooperative Housing Society in private building? ... Who can accept the resignation of Chairman of the CHS?
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41 Swamy Goud's resignation sought in housing scam
... have sought the immediate resignation of Legislative Council chairman Swami Goud as the president of TNGO cooperative housing society.
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42 Duties & Responsibilities of Chairman
Chairman can send his/her resignation to Hon. Secretary of the society. Secretary has to place this resignation in the next Managing Committee ...
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Since the amendment done to Maharashtra cooperative societies Act, 1960, ... Chairman also wish to resign but no one was willing to join MC, chairman acted ...
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44 ADDA: Apartment Society Management & Accounting Software
Save cost on Apartment Society Management using ADDA. Manage Communication, Accounting, Billing and Visitors from a Single App. Try for Free Now.
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45 Questions and Answers on Cooperative Societies - Gov
Answers to frequently asked questions about cooperative societies. ... What are the chairman's roles and authorities in the General Assembly?
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46 Housing Society Roles and Responsibilities - PropReader
Chairman is the head and leader of a cooperative housing society's management ... If the Chairman resigns or removes from office by approving a vote of no ...
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47 application resolution 2.
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48 Housing Society Secretary Resignation Letter Sample
Between chairman and the resignation letter sample format of newly purchase flat opening a housing society for the society secretary of chairman of co op ...
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49 West Bengal Cooperative Societies Rules,%202011.pdf
If the Chairman of the meeting is a candidate for election, ... For the purpose of registration of a housing co-operative society all the promoters.
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50 the societies registration act, 1860
"Chairman" shall mean the chairman of the Executive Committee and the ... A Member may resign at any time from the membership of the Society and such ...
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51 Laws pertaining to AGM of housing societies in Maharashtra
New GR for housing society election 2022: Know society AGM meeting ... All the co-operative society's audit dates are extended till October ...
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52 Chapter 378A - Co-operative Societies -
221. Reserve. PART XIX. Housing Societies. 222. Interpretation. 223. Application of this Part.
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53 RFS - Industrial and Provident Societies - CRO
Another representative group is the Co-Operative Housing Ireland Society Limited. Obligations after Registration Every registered society must: have a ...
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There are large number of Co-operative Group Housing Societies ... deletion, resignation or expulsion of membership in the Society.
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further to amend the Goa Co-operative Societies Act, 2001 (Goa Act, 36 of ... hand addressed to the Chairman and the Chairman may resign his office by.
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56 Committee Resignation Letter - Great Sample Resume
If the other priorities in your life have made it too difficult for you to continue serving on a committee, you may be thinking about resigning from your p.
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57 Prohibition of Membership in two Cooperative Societies
A cannot become member of two Group Housing societies or two cooperative ... The resignation is not accepted by society unless the member has paid hi and ...
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58 Section 31. Election and nomination of members of committees.§ionId=30585§ionno=31&orderno=31
(4) No person shall be eligible to be elected as a member of the committee of a co-operative society unless he is shareholder of that co-operative society.
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59 complaint against housing society - icrpc
Complain to registrar of cooperative housing societies against the management of housing society, complain to registrar of societies mumbai.
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15, Cancellation of registration certificate of societies in certain cases. CHAPTER III Member of Co-operative Societies and their rights ...
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61 Association Rules — 110. Elections and Appointments
If a candidate for any APA board or committee elected by Council withdraws or becomes ineligible before the election results are tabulated or resigns or cannot ...
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62 Office of the Registrar Cooperative Societies - Delhi Government
members who have resigned alongwith their addresses for venfication in the Form-· 'A' to the schedule VI I. 3. The cooperative housing society shall certify ...
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63 David Cameron orders inquiry into former Co-op bank boss ...
Co-op Group chairman Len Wardle resigned on Tuesday to take responsibility for his part in appointing Flowers. Britain's financial regulators ...
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64 Managing Committee – - WIRC
Intimate the SCEA for holding elections 6 months prior expiry of term for Type C Societies. (includes housing society with 200 or more.
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65 Gujarat Co-Operative Societies Act, 1961 - Latest Laws
(14) "officer" means a person elected or appointed by a society to any office of such society according to its bye- laws; and includes a chairman, vice-chairman ...
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66 Management of Housing Society- The MCS Act 1960 & Model ...
Which in turn is subject to Co-operative Society Act of the State and ... The Chairman of the Society may resign his office as Chairman by a ...
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67 Can an Associate Member Be a Part of Managing Committee?
All Co-operative Housing Societies are statutorily bound to accept the ... such an Associate Member should resign as a Managing Committee Member and as an ...
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68 SOCIETIES ACT, 1960 - (No. 17 of 1961)
Special Provisions for Co-operative Housing Societies ... Chairman, Vice-Chainnan, President, Vice-President, Managing Director,.
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society shall not be hypothecated to that society by its members as a security for a loan. 9-A. Value of share of a member. If a member resigns his membership.
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70 Role of the board of directors for a co-operative
Directors · Responsibilities · Elections · Board meetings · Resignation and dismissal · Office of Fair Trading · Run a co-operative.
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71 FIR lodged against managing committee of Clover Highlands ...
Clover Highlands co-operative housing society seems to be ... as chairman of the said society, but he resigned as chairman and it was ...
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72 The West Bengal Cooperative Societies Act, 2006 Keyword(s)
(1) This Act may be called the West Bengal Co-operative Societies ... directors of the board resign simultaneously, the Registrar may constitute.
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73 Co-operative Housing Society Rules West Bengal
A cooperative housing society in West Bengal is formed under the West Bengal Co-operative Societies Act, 2006, which however came into force ...
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74 When to remove a board member and how to handle it
Co-ops are governed by a board of directors, and sometimes co-op ... In most cases, a reasonable director will understand and resign.
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75 co-operative housing societies - SAHAKARSUTRA
Whether Co-operative Housing Society having less than 10 units can be registered ? ... Who can accept the resignation of Chairman of the CHS ?
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76 Assam Co-operative Societies Act 2007
Restrictions on acquisition of shares in a Co-operative Society. ... Chairmen, Vice-President, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Managing 'Director &. Treasurer:.
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77 Societies Registration Act, 1860 - MCA
President, Chairman, or Principal Secretary, or trustees, as shall be determined by the rules and regulations of the society and, in default of such ...
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78 Co-operative Societies Act
Society to conform to co-operative principles. ... PART XIII - HOUSING SOCIETIES ... member is the Chairman of any meeting of the society in.
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79 Cooperative Societies Act (Chapter 112) - Ulii
Duties of external auditor to savings and credit cooperative society ... (a)his or her decision to resign from office and the reasons for the resignation; ...
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80 Rajasthan Co-Operative Societies Rules, 1966 - Bare Acts - Live
(m) "Housing Society" means a society the object of which is providing members ... of votes the chairman of a meeting of a co-operative society shall have a ...
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81 Co-operative Housing Society – Managing Committee ...
Home » Maharashtra Cooperative Societies Rules » Co-operative Housing ... A secretary can accept the resignation of the chairman under ...
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82 duties and responsibilities and function of the housing society ...
To Deal With Out Going Of Members By Transferring Flats After Scrutinized The Paper As Per ByeLaws. 16. To Deal With Application Of Resignation ...
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83 Election Procedure for Housing Societies - iPleaders
When it comes to the elections within the Co-operative Housing ... of the resignation by the Chairman or the Secretary of the society, ...
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84 अध्यक्ष, खजिनदार, सचिवांचे बालिश राजीनामा अस्त्र! - Dear Society
Co-operative Act & Rules · Co-operative Housing Society ... TAGS; chairman/treasurer /secretary resignation · non co-operative office ...
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85 Administrator in co-operative housing societies - TaxGuru
The cases of appointment of administrators in co-operative housing societies are increasing.Generally the Deputy/Assistant Registrar of ...
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86 Meetings and Minutes writing in Housing Societies: First ...
The Chairman of the Society may resign his Office as Chairman by a ... tagged with #Maharashtra Societies, Co-operative Housing Society, ...
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87 Demand for Swamy Goud's resignation increased
The demand immediate resignation of Legislative Council chairman Swami Goud as the president of TNGO cooperative housing society from the ...
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88 Cooperative Housing Society FAQ
Whether Co-operative Housing Society having less than 10 units can be registered? ... Who can accept the resignation of Chairman of the CHS?
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89 Nawaz Sharif - Wikipedia
Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif is a Pakistani businessman and politician who has served as the ... societies scandal; 3.7 Constitutional crisis and resignation.
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90 Housing society elections: Know your rights to challenge the ...
Under the Cooperative Societies Act, a proper procedure has been laid down for conducting elections to appoint a managing committee. Ideally, ...
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91 Current Affairs 19 November 2022 -
Over 400 cooperative societies have now registered on the GeM portal, ... On November 14, 2022, the 2nd HDFC Capital H@ART (Housing and ...
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92 Australian Dictionary of Biography, Volume 19: 1991–1995 (A–Z)
In 1980 he lost the housing and cooperative societies portfolios but ... as deputy chairman of the Advertising Standards Council, as chairman of the ...
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93 Important Laws and Regulations Regarding Land, Housing, and ...
Article 71 . last qu rum is not present it shall become necessary for the competent cooperative union to make the call again during the fifteen days ...
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94 Co-operative Societies Rules
chairman of the co-operative society. (7) No auditor shall present the audited accounts of a co-operative society to the members at a general meeting unless ...
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95 Annual Co-operative Congress - Page 122 - Google Books Result
Like most societies in the district , Burnbank Society is in a flourishing condition ... Mr. Murray Kaye then read his paper on “ Co - operative Education .
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