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1 Best place to farm for Eridian Weapons? : r/Borderlands - Reddit
Hyperion Gift Shop is the best source for any loot from the vanilla game, Eridian weapons included because of the high awesomelevel the place ...
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2 A Guide to Eridian Weaponry [Archived] - Borderlands Lore
Different from all other manufacturers, Eridian weapons are energy-based guns that never need to be reloaded, but will need to be cooled down if ...
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3 Eridian Weapons Overhaul - Borderlands - Nexus Mods
Eridian Blaster - Repeater Pistol · Eridian Shooter - Machine Pistol · Eridian Phaser - Revolver · Eridian Shotgun - Assault Shotgun · Eridian ...
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4 What are the drop rates on eridian weapons?
By clicking View Page, you affirm that you are at least eighteen years old. Don't warn me again for Borderlands GOTY Enhanced. View Page. Cancel.
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5 Alien/ Eridian Weaponry - Borderlands Modding Resource
› alien-rifle
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6 Higher levels of eridian weapons in new haven - Neoseeker
You can farm New Haven and get Eridian guns, i have found quite a few there on playthrough 2.
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7 How to get the legendary 'Eridian Fabricator' weapon in ...
Remember that awesome gun that could shoot out other guns in Borderlands 3 trailers? That was the Eridian Fabricator.
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8 Codes for new Eridian weapons
Oh well thats easy just play till you get to the armory then glitch it. You can just pick them up there then go and willow tree the ones you ...
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9 Eridian Fabricator - Get the "gun gun" in Borderlands 3
In order to get the Eridian Fabricator, players are going to need to make their way through a good majority of the campaign. After you reach a ...
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10 Borderlands 3: The Eridian Fabricator - What It Does (& How ...
How To Get The Eridian Fabricator ... It's recommended players looking to get this gun are at level 37 before setting out. Players must go to ...
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11 The Best Weapons in Borderlands 3 and Where to Find Them
Thankfully, obtaining the Eridian Fabricator is straightforward. It's a quest reward for completing chapter 21, Footsteps of Giants. Simply ...
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12 [Borderlands]Eridian weapon farming? - GameBanana
› ... › Threads › Help
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13 Weapons List • Borderlands 1 – Database - Lootlemon
This is a List of ALL legendary and unique WEAPONS in Borderlands 1. Utilize the list to SORT, FILTER, and FIND the best weapons for your build.
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14 Borderlands 3 Eridian Fabricator: how to get the Gun Gun that ...
The quickest way to get these is by finding them around the various open areas of Borderlands 3 – they're purple clusters of rock so you shouldn ...
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15 Eridian weapons - Borderlands -
› ... › Borderlands
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16 BL3 Eridian Fabricator / Gun Gun - How To Get & Stats
The Eridian Fabricator is a reward given at the end of the Main Story Mission, "Footsteps of Giants". You can't miss it as Typhon hands it ...
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17 Borderlands 3 How to Get the Gun Gun, Eridian Fabricator
When you get to the story mission “Footsteps of Giants” you will meet an NPC along the course of the story that has the Eridian Fabricator GUN ...
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18 Borderlands: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Eridians
As even casual Borderlands players know, the Eridians created the Vaults. ... 4/10 The Original Borderlands Introduced Eridian Weapons.
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19 Alien weapons? - Borderlands -
The Eridian Weapons turn up at random from Lv19 onwards though you can get one at the end of one of the [spoiler=1]Salt Flat missions. See here ...
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20 Borderlands: Know Your Weapons - IGN
In all, you get proficiency categories for pistols, submachine guns, shotguns, combat rifles, sniper rifles, launchers, and Eridian weapons.
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21 The Eridian Fabricator Now Shoots Legendary Items
How To Get Eridium Fast ... Since the Gun Gun uses Eridium as ammo and you need to pay E250 for each shot, you need to farm a bunch of Eridium. I ...
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22 Eridian weapon - Urban Dictionary
Guy playing borderlands multiplayer, looking over his various guns. Gets shot repeatedly, sees gun: "Stupid noob using Eridian weapon unlimited ammo gun!"
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23 Modded Eridian Weapon Allegiance Roland | Day #4 - Twitch
Jul 25, 2022
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24 How to get Legendary loot from the Eridian Fabricator (Gungun)
Though you don't get the Gungun there but he tells you that if you pay him 1 Eridium he will shoot out a gun for you. This is the point you need ...
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25 Borderlands 3: Alien Weapons - ArtStation
Explorations of designs for the Eridian weapons in Borderlands 3. Robert Fink brought these to the game world.
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26 Borderlands - Early Eridian Weapon (Xbox 360)
Early Eridian Weapon: One character must be a Siren. Go back to Fyrestone in the Arid Badlands; and after you kill the Mothrakk a Eridian weapon will fall out ...
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27 Pin on Weapons - Pinterest
Sep 23, 2019 - Explorations of designs for the Eridian weapons in Borderlands 3. Robert Fink brought these to the game world.
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28 GUNGUN, Eridian Weapon that shoots other Weapons - Moot
GUNGUN, Eridian Weapon that shoots other Weapons. Awesome Items · Hayder Hype. 36.8K subscribers. Borderlands ...
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29 What does Eridian Fabricator do in Borderlands 3?
You get Eridian Fabricator automatically during the final part of the main storyline. You get it from Typhon DeLeon after reaching the Vault of ...
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30 Borderlands 3: How to Find & Aquire the Gun Gun
Getting the Eridian Fabricator is not tricky, but playing with it can be a task. However, using this weapon can be fun once players get the hang ...
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31 How can I identify Eridian/E-tech style weapons - Arqade
Another difference from Borderlands 1 is that Eridian weapons now have their own specific rarity color, dark-pink.
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32 Borderlands 2 "Eridian" Gun Manufacturer Sticker Decal - eBay
Borderlands 2 "Eridian" Gun Manufacturer Sticker Decal - Picture 1 of 1. Click to enlarge ... Get the item you ordered or get your money back.
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33 Easy and Cheap Eridium for Legendaries Method - Icy Veins
While legendaries arent exactly hard to come by in Borderlands 3s ... ago and it centers around the Gun Gun aka Eridian Fabricator you get ...
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34 Borderlands 3: The Best Unique Guns & How To Find Them
One of the most ridiculous guns you can find in the game, the Eridian Fabricator is an insane gun that also shoots guns. Yes, it launches a ...
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35 How do I use this thing?? Weapon question - IGN Boards
Now if you find a shotty like that you should definitely use it. ... In the first borderlands the Eridian weapons were very unique and ...
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36 What are e tech weapons BL2? - nbccomedyplayground
Eridian Fabricator is a legendary weapon in Borderlands 3 manufactured by the Eridians. It is obtained from the mission Footsteps of Giants ...
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37 Borderlands: best weapons you have found - ForgeHub
I got so lucky with the weapon cache's right around level 30. The eridian shotgun shoots lightning. It's ****ing amazing. Add me, I need more ...
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38 Borderlands 3 How to Get Eridium -
Eridian Fabricator: At the end of the story, after looting the 4th vault, you get a special weapon called the Eridian Fabricator.
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39 Borderlands 3: How To Get Legendary Guns From The Gun ...
If you've been playing Borderlands 3, you know what the gun gun is. Also known as Eridian Fabricator, this gun shoots guns. That's right, guns!
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40 algrnaas: Ridiculously marvelous Borderlands... - sir-adamus
algrnaas: “ Ridiculously marvelous Borderlands Eridian weapons by Keith ... Tags: Borderlands oh those are frickin' awesome i hope we get to see some ...
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41 Borderlands 2: E-Tech Weapons
The manufacturers have started to dismantle the Eridian weapons and started ... How to get e-tech weapons in Borderlands 2[edit].
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42 Weapon Aficionado achievement in Borderlands (JP)
◾Submachine Guns ◾Combat Rifles ◾Shotguns ◾Sniper rifles ◾Rocket Launchers ◾Eridian Weapons To make sure you get this easily try to ...
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43 The best Borderlands 3 Legendaries for true Vault Hunters
The already infamous "gun that shoots guns", the Eridian Fabricator fires out 10 guns on a full magazine, all of which will be at least Uncommon ...
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44 What you can do with Eridium in Borderlands 3 - Polygon
Yep you read that right. This “weapon” is one of the last things you get in Borderlands 3. It's a gun that makes guns. The gun uses small ...
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45 Borderlands 2 – The guns of Pandora - Critical Hit
Alien, unique and filled with infinite energy, provided that you take the time to recharge them, Eridian weapons are leftover guns from when the ...
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46 Introducing Crazy Earl's Reroll Machine and Maurice's Black ...
You'll find this machine near Crazy Earl's reclusive residence in the cargo bay of Sanctuary III, right across from the Veteran Rewards vending ...
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47 Eridian Borderlands Weapons Manufacturer Gaming Soft Cotton
Etsy Purchase Protection: Shop confidently on Etsy knowing if something goes wrong with an order, we've got your back for all eligible purchases — see ...
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48 Eridion (spelling?) Weapons? - Borderlands - Super Cheats
My friend and I are currently in our se.., Borderlands Questions and answers, PlayStation 3. ... Where do I find the any Eridian weapons?
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49 Borderlands Legends gets huge overhaul, adds extra features ...
The update also includes more new features, including a Sniper Mode that allows weapon focus, rare Eridian weapons to find, and Game Center ...
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50 Borderlands 3 - Eridian Writing locations explained - Eurogamer
There are two pieces of Eridian Writing hidden in Floodmoor Basin. To find the first head to the bottom of Knotty Peak. The location of the ...
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51 Borderlands 3 - Strategy Guide - Google Books Result
This will lead you just outside the manor and if you search north of the manor, ... be sure to use a Corrosive weapon if you have one on hand.
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52 Borderlands: The Fallen - Page 12 - Google Books Result
“Stuff the sarcasm and keep quiet—lemme just see ifI can get the prick to tell me what they're up to before they open fire.” Heavy-caliber weapons were ...
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53 Borderlands: Gunsight - Page 285 - Google Books Result
... the edge of Sudden Canyon and was firing Eridian blasts down into the pit, ... They're a weapon we're using here, eliminating some of the Reamer sons of ...
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54 Can typhon deleon drop a legendary? - Movie Cultists
Eridian weapons are weapons left on Pandora by the Eridian race. They have a curved, organic appearance and do not use standard ammunition like most other ...
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