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1 Evaluation of Flow Rate, pH, Buffering Capacity, Calcium ...
pH of saliva was measured by using manual pH meter. Buffering capacity of saliva (by Ericsson method 1959): 0.5 ml of saliva was added to 1.5 ml of 5 mmol/l HCl ...
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2 Simplified Method to Estimate Salivary Buffer Capacity
A method for measuring the salivary buf- fer effect was developed by ERICSSON (1). According to this method, hydrochloric acid is mixed with saliva.
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3 Ericsson Method of Sperm Separation
In 1973, Ronald Ericsson developed the Ericsson method, which is a technique used to separate human male sperm cells by their genetic ...
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4 Comparison of three strip-type tests and two laboratory ...
The strip-type tests were saliva-check buffer, Dentobuff strip and CRT® Buffer test. The laboratory methods included Ericsson's laboratory ...
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5 30-year (1983-2013) trends in saliva flow rate ... - DiVA Portal
laboratory buffer capacity test (Ericsson, 1959). In 2003 and 2013 chair-side simplified methods. (Dentobuff Strip, Orion Diagnostica, ...
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6 Evaluation of Flow Rate, pH, Buffering Capacity, Calcium ...
Buffering capacity of saliva (by Ericsson method 1959):. 0.5 ml of saliva was added to 1.5 ml of 5 mmol/l HCl. The.
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7 A simplified quantitative test—adapted Checkbuf test—for ...
Checkbuf test and 4 other methods: Ericsson test for resting saliva, Checkbuf test, and commercially ... In 1959, Ericsson developed a saliva buffering test.
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8 Comparative analysis of CRT Buffer, GC Saliva Check Buffer ...
titration method and CRT Buffer test was 0.685 and the GC Saliva Check Buffer was 0.837. The ... Ericsson in 1959 wrote a review of 21 reports.
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9 Clinical Investigations of the Salivary Buffering Action
Y. Ericsson; Published 1959; Medicine; Acta Odontologica Scandinavica ... Both colorimetric tests correlate with the acid titration method in laboratory and ...
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10 A Cross-Sectional Analysis of Unstimulated Salivary Flow, pH ...
Buffering capacity was determined based on methods developed by Ericsson [1959]. Saliva (either 0.5 or 1 ml, depending on the amount ...
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11 Ericsson method - Wikipedia
The Ericsson Method is an assisted reproductive technology for sex selection, used before implantation. In this method, sperm that will give rise to male ...
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12 A colourimetric screening test for evaluation of the buffer ...
A colourimetric method for screening buffer capacity of mixed paraffin ... with the generally accepted clinical method developed by Ericsson (1959).
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13 A film transfer method for determining solution rate of human ...
The method requires first the preparation of an enamel “mosaic” from ... Ericsson, 1950 ... United States Air Force, Brooks Air Force Base, Texas (1959).
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14 Psychological and Physiological Influences of A Head-Down ...
Ericsson's method (1959) was used to determine salivary buffering action. Hydrochloric acid was added to the saliva, and saliva pH was measured after the ...
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15 A Powerful Diagnostic Tool for Minimal Intervention Dentistry
A widely used systematic method for assessing salivary ... However, a simpler technique is to visually ... Ericsson's method (1959).
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16 the paper disc method for determination of bacterial sensitivity ...
differences in technique and in criteria for ... 1959 a, b) was the first writer to point out ... method in its quantitative variant (Ericsson,.
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MATERIALS AND METHOD: Salivary parameters were investigated in 80 healthy children, ... Buffering capacity of saliva (by Ericsson method 1959): 0.5.
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18 Chairmain's notes - 3GPP
4, S2-110055, LS In, LS from CT WG4: LS on Inter PLMN mobility procedure ... 23.401 CR1959: Correction of S1-release procedure, Ericsson, ST Ericsson ...
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19 Archives of Oral Biology
cancer treatment or any pathosis affecting salivary gland function, ex- ... cording to Ericsson's method (1959) (Ericsson, 1959).
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20 Association of genetic and environmental factors with dental ...
buffering capability was measured by the Ericsson method. [Ericsson, 1959]. One millilitre of saliva was added to 3 ml of.
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Buffering capacity of saliva {by Ericsson method 1959}:- 0.5 ml of saliva was added to 1.5 ml of 5mmol/l HCl. The mixture was.
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22 Salivary flow rate response to stimulation with 2% citric acid in ...
Methods: This study recruited 62 patients with xerostomia. ... Ericsson method was used to determine the buffering ... 1959;17:131-65.
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23 A systematic review of case-control studies and meta-analysis
Using Ericsson's method (Ericsson, 1959), Bhandary and Hari (2017) found that the mean buffering capacity of ASD group (4.28 ± 0.27) was significantly, ...
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24 Original article - Bangladesh Journals Online
Materials and Methods: Fifty children with history of passive smoking and 50 healthy ... Material and Methods: ... Ericsson's method-1959 16.
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25 Association between dental-oral health in young adults and ...
measured by the Ericsson method. No differences were ... which were determined by the method of Beutler (6), were ... Chem 1959; 234: 1971-1975.
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26 On the successive over-relaxation method for cyclic operators
Carlsson, S. G., andA. Elldin: Solving equations of state in telephone traffic theory with digital computers. Ericsson Technics 1958, 221–244. Kjellberg, G.
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27 Verbal reports as data. - APA PsycNet
*Cognitive Processes; *Experimental Methods; *Information Processing Model; ... (b); Ericsson, K. A., Simon, H. A. Retrospective verbal reports as data (CIP ...
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28 Qualitative and quantitative salivary changes and subjective oral ...;year=2018;volume=29;issue=1;spage=16;epage=21;aulast=Naik;type=3
Subjects and Methods: Unstimulated and stimulated salivary flow rates, pH, ... the pH of saliva and Ericsson method (1959) was used to measure the buffering ...
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29 Caries risk assessment among subjects with periodontal ...;year=2016;volume=14;issue=3;spage=266;epage=271;aulast=Raju;type=3
Materials and Methods: A descriptive cross-sectional study was conducted ... of the saliva by Ericsson method (1959) and to determine mutans streptococci ...
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30 Optimizing spectrum assignments to deliver expansive 5G ...
An equally crude method is to sell all the available spectrum in one lot: the highest ... Commission," Journal of Law and Economics, Vol 2 (Oct. 1959).
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31 Seanad Éireann debate - Wednesday, 14 Dec 1960
Health (Fluoridation of Water Supplies) Bill, 1959—Second Stage. ... to advise as to the best method of securing such an increased intake and as to any ...
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32 Welfare Effects of Currency Substitution in Iran (1959-2013)
Consequently, to estimate the real liquidity demand for money in Kamin and Ericsson's method and estimate the effect of the degree of CS on private ...
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33 saliva testing - GC Australasia
However a simpler technique is to ... a simple method to assess how hydrated the mouth is. ... techniques as specified in Ericsson's method (1959).
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34 (12) United States Patent
Scand., 17:131-65 (1959)). This. Ericsson's method is a method in which a certain amount of hydrochloric acid is added to collected saliva, ...
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35 Ceylon Railways to Install CTC and INC Relay Interlockings
operated points, 93 light signals and. 84 track circuits. Signals and points will be operated on Ericsson's Line-. To-Line method (LTL). The control.
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TCL's past patent infringing activity, we hold that Ericsson ... First, while the court noted that the top-down method.
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37 Introduction to Psychosocial Development Theory in Social Work
Erikson, a 20th-century psychologist and psychoanalyst, formulated the eight-stage life cycle theory in 1959 on the supposition that the environment plays a ...
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38 Identity Development Throughout the Lifetime
He was the first to illustrate how the social world exists within the psychological makeup of each individual. Erikson (1959) believed that the ...
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39 General-To-Specific Modeling: An Overview and Selected ...
Specific Modelling, Julia Campos, Neil R. Ericsson, and David F. Hendry (eds.), Edward Elgar ... In this method, the modeler simplifies an initially general.
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40 Effectiveness of different preventive regimens on Cariogram ...;year=2022;volume=14;issue=2;spage=128;epage=135;aulast=Fouad
Unstimulated saliva samples were collected to measure buffer capacity according to the Ericsson method 1959, in which 3 mL of 5 mmol/L HCl ...
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41 relationship-between-stimulated-salivary-factors-dental-caries ...
status only in terms of masticatory function and majority of these ... by the modified Ericsson method for smaller volumes [19]. The ... 1959; 17: 131-165.
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42 Physicochemical salivary properties, Lactobacillus, Mutans ...
One experienced examiner performed all the observations according to Ericsson's method. Briefly, 1 mL of saliva was mixed with 3 mL of 0.005 N hydrochloric ...
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43 Saliva profiles in children with congenital heart disease
Subjects and Methods: This cross sectional study was carried out with 42 CHD and ... The Ericsson's method was used ... Arch Biochem Biophys 1959;82:70–7.
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44 Recommendations for Using Fluoride to Prevent and Control ...
Although various methods for assessing risk exist, no single model predominates in this ... Ericsson SY. ... J Am Dent Assoc 1959;58:42--4.
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45 The elastic field outside an ellipsoidal inclusion - Journals
Published:27 October 1959 ... The Appendix outlines a general method of calculating biharmonic potentials.
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46 Principles of assessing bacterial susceptibility to antibiotics ...
The agar diffusion assay is one method for quantifying the ability of antibiotics ... Theory of agar diffusion methods for bioassay. ,. Anal Chem. ,. 1959.
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47 The Weak Spots of Saliva Buffering Tests
Already Ericsson showed that a low saliva buffer ca- pacity is related to a high caries risk. In 1959 Ericsson1 developed a laboratory buffer capacity test, ...
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48 The Role of Deliberate Practice in the Acquisition of Expert ...
(Ericsson, 1985,1988) show that a small set of general methods underlie such performance. ... demanding activities (Cowley, 1959; Plimpton, 1977).
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49 Comparison of dental caries experience and salivary ...;year=2022;volume=40;issue=3;spage=274;epage=280;aulast=Anandan
Materials and Methods: Forty subjects with Down syndrome aged 5–18 years ... Salivary buffering capacity was calculated by Ericsson method, ...
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50 Sources of Method Bias in Social Science Research and ...
common method variance, response style biases, marker variable ... Over 50 years ago, Campbell & Fiske (1959) ... Ericsson KA, Simon HA.
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51 Bait acceptance by rats of microencapsulation male sterilant ...
R. J. ERICSSON, Fertility Research, The Upiohn Company, Kalamazoo, Michigan ... animals was considered to be more efficient as a method of food-habits ...
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52 1959 - History of Ericsson - History of Ericsson - 1959 - Yumpu
1959 - History of Ericsson - History of Ericsson. ... A general study of the problem shows that more refined methods must.
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53 Summit County - Ohio Department of Commerce
Erickson Tracey,744 Merriman Rd. Erika Ross,83 Paige Ave. Ervin Byron Est,1426 Neptune ... Riley Justice D,1122 Ericsson Ave ... 1959 Summit Commerce Park.
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54 methods for testing and evaluating survey questions
assumption posited by Ericsson and Simon for use of the method. ... timethod (MTMM) measurement strategy (Campbell and Fiske 1959) to esti-.
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55 Engineering | Grandma Got STEM
Here's some information about Dr. Ericsson on the NASA site ... 9, 1958, As of 1959 –Unfiled but docketed; have abstract, Method of Cutting ...
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56 Oral Hygiene Parameters in 3rd Trimester of Pregnancy and ...
which may have been due to different sampling methods i.e. saliva ... Salivary BC was measured by Ericsson's method ... Odontol Scand 1959; 17:131-65.
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57 1959.John E Arnold.Creative Engineering.pdf
interfaces, training, and testing—following the technology-centric method McKim criticized in 1959, “Once the design is partially 'set'…the designer will ...
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58 Lignin Chemistry, Technology, and Utilization: A Brief History
In 1959, to examine the aromatic character of lignin and its chemical binding with carbohydrates, Tischenko at the St. Petersburg Forestry Academy reported the.
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59 Theories on the Mode of Action of Fluoride in Reducing Dental ...
McCann & Bullock (1955) and Leach (1959) concluded from experiments with ... enamel defects has been confirmed by several others (Ericsson, 1958; Hardwick,.
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60 Documents of the CCIR (Los Angeles, 1959)
Telfonaktiebolaget L. M. Ericsson ... 129 Methods of specifying the power supplied to an antenna by a radio transmitter.................... 25.
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61 Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing by a Standardized Single Disk ...
The pivotal role of Hans Ericsson's theoretical and practical studies (H. Ericsson and G. Svartz-Malmberg, Antibiot. Chemother. 6:41–74, 1959), as well as ...
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62 The caries risk identification in a 13- to 14-year-old ... - ThaiJo
Acta Odont Scand 1959;17:131 - 165. ก น ... Ericsson D, Bratthall B. Simplified method to estimate salivary buffer capacity.
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63 Memory model of information transmitted in absolute judgment
However, the use of the Garner‐Hake method has been paralleled by ... Engen and Pfaffmann (1959) found that It for odor intensity for either ...
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Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB, 390 F.Supp.2d 532 (N.D. Tex.) ... The patent specification describes this method of data entry as "extremely slow, ...
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65 A simplified quantitative test—adapted Checkbuf test—for ...
... test and 4 other methods: Ericsson test for resting saliva, Checkbuf test, ... colorimetric test for In 1959, Ericsson developed a saliva buffering test ...
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66 Erikson's Psychosocial Theory of Human Development
... notably: Identity and the Life Cycle (1959); Insight and Responsibility ... neighbourhood / achievement and accomplishment, Competence and Method ...
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67 Proteomic Profiling of Extracellular Vesicles Derived ... - MDPI
Cells 2020, 9(9), 1959; ... M. Ericsson (Electron Microscopy Facility, Harvard Medical School) for ...
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68 US3139677A - Method and apparatus for inserting resilient rods into ...
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69 Enamel and Dentin Caries Risk Factors of Adolescents in the ...
Method: This 1-year longitudinal study was conducted in 2018 and 2019; ... capability was measured according to the Ericsson method (27).
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70 selection of capillary network gateway to a cellular network;jsessionid=CA4ED408975AB8E2A6A21E95D61B74AF.wapp2nB?docId=WO2015126303&recNum=71&office=&queryString=&prevFilter=%26fq%3DOF%3AWO%26fq%3DICF_M%3A%22H04L%22%26fq%3DPAF_M%3A%22TELEFONAKTIEBOLAGET+L+M+ERICSSON+(PUBL)%22&sortOption=%EA%B3%B5%EA%B0%9C%EC%9D%BC(%EB%82%B4%EB%A6%BC%EC%B0%A8%EC%88%9C)&maxRec=1959
In particular, the present disclosure relates to methods and arrangements for linking a machine device, MD 11, operating according to a local area radio ...
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71 Method and Device for a Relay Node - Patent Center - USPTO!/applications/14321052
Method and Device for a Relay Node. Public view ... 102721 - Murphy, Bilak & Homiller/Ericsson. PO BOX 1959. Cary, NC. UNITED STATES ...
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72 Testing Working Memory: An Experimental and Analytical ...
were the first to apply scientific method to the study of human memory ... Pollack, Johnson and Knaffs (1959) methods are similar to another experiment I.
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This report summarizes the methods available to predict the aerodynamic ... 148 ERICSSON METHOD COMPARISON ... Speeds," NACA-RPT-1307, 1959.
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74 International Symposium on Environmental Software Systems
From software metrics to software measurement methods: a process model ... in large projects by IBM, Ericsson, all branches of the US military, and others.
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75 United States Court of Appeals - MoloLamken LLP
Ericsson Holding II Inc., Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson ... that disregards patents' relative value.5 And the court's method for deciding ...
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76 Working Memory: Theories, Models, and Controversies
Our own studies used a technique developed by Brooks (1968), in which participants are required to remember and repeat back a sequence of spoken sentences. In ...
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77 Uncovering the structure of a memorist's superior “basic ...
using methods akin to those used by Chase and Ericsson (1981, 1982). ... to exceed that of untrained college students (Pollack, Johnson, & Knaff, 1959) and.
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78 Guide to instrumentation literature - GovInfo
Information: Reports (1959-62) and Abstracts Information: ... Philip M. Morse and H. Feshbach, Methods of Theoretical Physics. ... Ericsson Technics.
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79 The Dark Unknown History -
measures and methods to combat and prevent anti-Gypsyism. The. Commission has also been tasked with ... 2.6 The Gypsy Section in Stockholm 1959–1997 .
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80 Hydraulics Manual M 23-03 - wsdot -
Single-Event Hydrograph Method: Santa Barbara Urban Hydrograph . ... Chow V.T. 1959a ... Abbe, T., M. Ericsson and L. Embertson. 2015.
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81 physicochemical salivary properties, lactobacillus, mutans ...
the procedure was carried out under close supervi- ... pH values of the samples after application of Ericsson's method; ... Arch Oral Biol 1959;1:62-73.
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82 Appointed Senators (1913-Present) - U.S. Senate
BrunsdaleClarence Norman Brunsdale (R-ND), 19591119Nov 19, 1959, Did not seek election. ... EricksonJohn E. Erickson (D-MT), 19330304Mar 13, 1933 ...
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83 K. Anders Ericsson, Deliberate Practice, and Sport
In this review paper, we reflect on the work of K. Anders Ericsson and how his Deliberate Practice ... and Crossman (1959) focused on relatively.
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84 Saliva profiles in children with congenital heart disease*
The Ericsson's method was used to mea- ... choninic acid (BCA) method to determine the salivary to- ... Acta Odontol Scand 1959;17:131-65. [CrossRef ].
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85 (3) Ericsson AIR21 B2A/B4P -
previous TIA/EIA standards back to RS-222 (1959). Steel design is checked using the. AISC ASD 9th Edition or the AISC LRFD specifications.
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86 Ericsson Annual Report 2012 -
The Annual Report describes Ericsson's ... method. ST-Ericsson's main competitor is. Qualcomm. ... Born 1959. Master of Business.
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87 Schmidt analysis for Stirling Engines
of regenerators in the earlier Ericsson machines was described. ... Equation (A. 1.13) is the most convenient method of relating the total mass of working ...
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88 1 Air Division - MS Italia - Assorted Sources - C And E Museum
Subsequently she was used until December 1941 on New York - West Indies cruises. She was bought by the US government on 13/12/1941, renamed "John Ericsson" and ...
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89 A Brief Historical Perspective on Dental Implants, Their ...
Lew utilized a direct impression method which used fewer supports over the ridge ... [75], Persson LG, Ericsson I, Berglundh T, Lindhe J. Osseointegration ...
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90 US3017512A - Coating thickness gauge - Google Patents
16, 1962 H. J. WOLBERT COATING THICKNESS GAUGE Filed June 29, 1959 IN VEN TOR. ... 1994-11-17 1996-05-30 Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson Method and device ...
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91 Expressed Emotion and Psychiatric Relapse: A Meta-analysis
Methods An extensive literature search revealed 27 studies of the EE-outcome ... Miklowitz DJSimoneau TLSears-Ericsson NWarner RSuddath R Family risk ...
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92 A Microwave Method for the Study of Steady and Fluctuating ...
The technique is based on a dipole resonance, occurring below the electron plasma frequency. It is excited by an rf signal transmitted along a ...
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93 Systemic Contingent Claims Analysis -- Estimating Market ...
technique for asset volatility introduces a maximum likelihood approach (Ericsson and Reneby, 2004 and 2005) which generates good prediction results.
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94 Washington County v. Stark :: 1972 :: Oregon Court of Appeals ...
*1338 Lloyd B. Ericsson, Portland, argued the cause for appellants. ... the County Court on August 19, 1959, and the Zoning Ordinance of Washington County, ...
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95 Haploid Gene Expression versus Meiotic Drive - Nature
R. P. ERICKSON. Nature New Biology volume 243, ... Biochem. Cytol., 5, 453 (1959). ... Erickson, R. P., on Genetics of the Sperm., Proc.
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96 Washington County v. Stark, 10 Or. App. 384, 499 P.2d 1337 (1972 ...
Lloyd B. Ericsson, Portland, argued the cause for appellants. ... in violation of the interim Zoning Code of Washington County adopted August 19, 1959.
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97 Sex selection - Fertilitypedia
The Ericsson method - The Ericsson method separates male and female sperm by passing them through a column filled with blood protein, human serum albumin. As ...
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