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1 What is the throttle position sensor percentage at idle?
Percentages on the TPS are subjective so there is no such thing as a bad percentage reading although there is a general rule that the number should not be zero.
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2 How To Test a TPS Sensor - Ask Car Mechanic
Then read the voltage. The TPS voltage should be between .2 and 1.5 volts. It should increase to 5 volts when you open the throttle plate.
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3 Using a scan tool to check the Throttle Position Sensor
› Car News › Car Tips
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4 Throttle position sensor reads 19% at idle. What's going on?
› ... › Engine/Tuning
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5 What should tps% be at idle? - Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forums
What percent does it read at WOT? Without any input, it should read 0% ± 2%. At WOT it should read 100% ± 2%. The increased throttle position ...
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6 How Do You Know if a Throttle Position Sensor Is Bad?
* Your DMM should read 5 volts or close to it when the throttle plate is fully opened. * Also, make sure that the voltage increases smoothly as ...
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7 What should TPS read (volts) when at 0% throttle?
TPS Voltage @ WOT - Chevrolet Corvette Forum Discussion
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8 TPS percentage???? - HP Tuners Bulletin Board
The ETC% PID should be 0% at idle and 100% at WOT, however the TPS PID is a indication of actual blade angle (as you alluded to) as there is no ...
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9 Throttle position sensor reads 13% at idle and 75% fully open.
No, you can't start messing with those because there are all kinds of sensors. If you set that up in the throttle position sensor, ...
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10 What would make "Absolute TPS" read 17.4% at IDLE?
It should touch the stop screw. The stop screw could also make off. You could also take the air cleaner off and check to make sure the throttle blade is closing ...
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11 TPS reading at idle -
Anything over 90% is fine, the ECU will consider it WOT. If you are too far below 0 at throttle closed, you may get short changed at WOT. The 2g ...
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12 TPS Voltage Readings - Third Generation F-Body Message ...
My battery reads 12.7 with the VOM. Even understanding that the car is old, the TPS sensor should still read the correct volts as it is getting over 5 volts ...
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13 TPS readings range from 14.1 to 79.6 - Tacoma World
The scan tool shows the TPS ranges from 14.1 % to 79.6 %. Never more and never less from idle to full throttle. Should it read closer to 0% ...
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14 1% TPS reading at idle, whats yours? - Club RSX
what about your max TPS? mine shoots to 101 or long as there is an average of 100 between the max and min it should be fine (accounts ...
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15 TPS issue? Weird throttle percentage readings...
14% closed & 76% wide open is normal. That's what mine reads along with every other TPS I've looked at. The pcm is programmed so that it knows ...
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16 Ideal TPS Voltage Range for calibration
According to what I read for most cars, the average voltage for idle position should be between 0.4 V and 0.6 V. Therefore, I started with 0.4 V ...
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17 Throttle position sensor only reads 77% at full throttle.
Many scan tools consider 0.00 volts to be 0% and 5.00 volts to be 100%. You should never see 5V going back to the PCM in a Neon unless the TPS ...
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18 TPS Relearn Process - The Tuning School
Get your scanner connected to the car and turn the Key On, Engine Off (KOEO). TPS should read right around 0.4% - 0.8% for best results here.
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19 How to Test TPS With a Volt Ohm Meter - It Still Runs
A throttle position sensor --- TPS --- is an electrical resistor housed on ... If the TPS works correctly, the multimeter will display a reading of about ...
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20 Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Throttle Position Sensor
You might ignore TPS reports at the office, but your car's TPS can't be ... The sensor reads those changes and communicates with the ECM to determine the ...
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21 TPS Parameters - Hondata s300 Programmable ECU Guide
Throttle - sets the throttle opening where injectors are cut. This needs to be higher than the minimum TPS reading - between 0.5 and 1% usually works. well.
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22 Throttle Position Sensor - Toyota Engine Control Systems
Does hiace throttle uses power or signal? 3 months ago. Reply. burtuka samuel. What should toyota tps read at idle?
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23 TPS sensor voltage reading 14% at closed throttle idle after ...
Originally posted by Marvin McInnis: Properly installed, the TPS voltage with the throttle butterfly fully closed should always be somewhat ...
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24 TPS Percentage Readings - Jeep Cherokee Forum
I searched around on the net for TPS percentage readings and found conflicting numbers about what I should be reading. I would think that it should read 0% ...
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25 Scanner says TPS at 12.5% even at Idle - Replace TPS?
The TPS should be at 0% when idling, right (no throttle)? It also says calculated engine load is at 5% (at idle). The "Butterflys" are ...
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26 TPS Sensor adjustment on B16A2 - Absolute Throttle Position ...
It gives live read-outs of all sensors, trouble codes, measures HP, TQ, quarter mile, and does data logging. I've since done some more searching and googling ...
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27 TPS % reading from Scanner - Forums
Car will idle fine. If it's cold, it will often show a TPS of 15% or so. I ASSume that cold motor fast idle is controlled by the IACV and should ...
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28 TPS Sensor Reading @ 11.8% at idle...that's bad right?
so maybe some of you smart guys can help me with this one before I bother brianj with a PM.... I was just out driving and I am very much ...
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29 what should abslt %TPS be at idle - Blazer Forum
0% TPS at idle is exactly what it should be. It means the TPS is closed all the way. It should smoothly rise to 100% at wide open throttle. As ...
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30 TPS read 80% at full throttle using a Scan Guage II
A Scan Guage is a simple OBDII code reader, but it can read many other engine parameters. A reading of 80% for the TPS being at full ...
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31 Tips on TPS - Gears Magazine
8 Min Read ... A faulty throttle position sensor (TPS) or accelerator pedal position ... A good TPS capture should look like figure 1.
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32 Diagnosing Your Vehicle's Bad Throttle Position Sensor
Some tests can confirm a bad TPS. If the MIL is illuminated then the vehicle's trouble code should be read. Many auto parts stores will read ...
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33 Calibrating the Throttle Position Sensor - Motorsport Electronics
Enter these as shown into the TPS HRT table, using the top two rows. The remaining rows should read 65535 (or near 5v), 100, as shown. Sweep the throttle again, ...
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34 TPS issues? (what should voltage be at WOT?) - Jeep Forum
I got a code today (P1294) and I was doing some checking... figured Id check out the TPS and according to what Ive read, I should be getting ...
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35 What should tps read at idle | Ski-Doo Snowmobiles Forum
What should the tps read at idle on my 14rs? Mine reads 18, if that's too high how would I go about adjusting it? Already did a tps reset ...
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36 How To Test Throttle Position Sensor With Multimeter (GUIDE)
Frequently Asked Questions · How Many Volts Should A TPS Have? A throttle position sensor is expected to have a volt reading of 5V when the throttle plate is ...
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37 Throttle Position Sensor - Z32 Wiki - Concept Z Performance
The Throttle Sensor must read between 0.4v and 0.5v. The Hard Idle Switch should be "ON." Consult Interface. The best way to set the TPS is to ...
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38 TPS- Throttle position sensor - Maxima Forums
The voltage should be 350-650 millivolts at closed throttle, and 4 volts at WOT. It's important that it go up smoothly, without dropping back to ...
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39 Billet Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) - Version 2 - K Series Parts
The reading should be just under 5.0 volts. 6) Your K-Tuned Billet TPS is now installed and calibrated, give your car a test drive to ensure.
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40 tps reading 100% always... -
i can get the car to start but the plugs are flooded due to the tps reading 100% or more. so the car doesnt idle or run with out the pedal down ...
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41 How to Tell if Your Throttle Position Sensor Is Failing - RepairPal
2. your engine has little or no acceleration. if the tps fails to send the proper data back to the computer, the correct fuel calculations can't ...
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42 TPS Voltage reading | Mustang Forums at StangNet
You will get incorrect readings that will vary with the amount of electrical load on the electrical system. Setting the TPS: you'll need a good ...
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43 Question about tps sensor readings. - Grand Prix Forums
I've recently switched my scangauge to read tps input. When I put my foot to the floor, it only reads 77 tops. Should it not read 100 at wot ...
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44 Adjusting the TPS -
Check the idle reading and tap the nose of the sensor up or down until you get an idle reading of between 0.40 and 0.46 volts. Anything above about 0.5 volts ...
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45 Can someone explain TPS position sensor not fully open at ...
Ideally WOT by design is @ 80.1%. It can be higher, but it doesn't necessarily need to be. The TPS sensor is run on a 5-volt circuit. +5 volts is fed to the TPS ...
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46 TPS Voltage? - S2KI Honda S2000 Forums
Can anyone tell me what the exact voltage of the throttle position ... My closed TPS reading was 0.32/0.33V after I got my ProFlow throttle body back.
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47 What's your TPS reading at idle? - Jeep Wrangler TJ Forum
Does this TPS reading (19%) look normal to you when I'm sitting at idle (my foot is not on the accelerator). I would assume it should be 0 ...
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48 Voltage Keeps Raising on Signal Wire of TPS Sensor
You must find a nice steady sweep from 0.5 to 4.5 volts as you run the throttle from idle to wide-open-throttle. Whatever voltage you read ...
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49 How to Diagnose a Throttle Position Sensor - AUTOINTHEBOX
Turn the key to the ON position, but do not try to start the car. One wire should read close to 0 volts (or zero volts). This is typically one of the wires ...
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50 A tricky TPS Throttle Position Sensor - Jeep Wrangler Forum
The tps sensor should read 0.5 volts at closed throttle and about 4.5 volts at wide open throttle. If you have the ground and reference wires ...
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51 TPS and IAC
Once you get your TPS voltage display up, turn the ignition on but do not start the engine. The voltage with closed throttle should be between 0.400 and 0.625 ...
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52 TPS voltage? - CamaroZ28.Com Message Board
TPS voltage has to be between 0.20-0.90V at closed throttle. Anything outside that range will set a code. As you open the throttle, the voltage ...
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53 TPS voltage unstable reading - High Performance Academy
This course will give you a solid understanding of EFI wiring fundamentals, helping you avoid expensive pitfalls and time consuming mistakes ...
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54 Understanding TPS Sensor Function and Operation
Unlike the APP sensor, the TPS sensors usually have a common ... Regardless of the throttle angle, the TP1 and TP2 should always equal five ...
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55 05 4.7 TPS Readings | DodgeTalk Forum
I can monitor the TPS output in %. It started off at 13% idle which from reading here is too high. After cycling the throttle is came down ...
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56 Throttle position sensor (potentiometer) - voltage - picoauto
This provides a means for the ECM to check the integrity of the sensor and circuits: a voltage below or above this expected output range will indicate an open ...
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57 Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) - Function - Failure - Testing
The throttle position sensor (TPS), converts the (throttle valve) position, into a proportional voltage signal. Which is then fed to the engine ...
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58 SOLVED: What should the percentage be on the TPS? - Fixya
on my 3 cars , i must calibrate it to 0.5v ... Chevy Cobalt '06 The vehichle TPS is reading at 36% when the car is off Scan tool commits that the percentage ...
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59 Bad Throttle Position Sensor Causes & Symptoms - How to Fix
Your throttle positioning system could be in trouble. If you need to sell your car quick, it's easy to do online. Or read more info below. Get a ...
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60 How to Test the 4.6L, 5.4L Ford Throttle Position Sensor (TPS)
Your multimeter should read about 0.9 to 1 Volt (the reading on your vehicle will vary just a little, about ± 1 volt).
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61 TPS reading at idle? - Factory Five Racing Forum
The TPS voltage at idle can be anywhere from 0.6 to 1.0 VDC. The computer regards anything in this voltage range as idle, closed throttle. Once ...
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62 3.4L TPS not registering 100% throttle - YotaTech Forums
your tps will never read 100% or 0% because it uses those values for diagnostic purposes. and it associates those percentages with voltages, ...
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63 Thread: TPS-what is the expected voltage? - Greenhulk
A few tenths of a volt can make a difference. At the far side of the TPS connector (opposite the black wire) is the power feed pin. This is 5 ...
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64 TPS % always above 20? - Camaro5 Chevy Camaro Forum ...
Cars that are modded with cams will read slightly higher than stock percentages at idle due to the requirement to increase base running airflow ...
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65 How Do You Know If Your Throttle Position Sensor Is Bad ...
The data that a throttle position sensor (TPS) reports back to the ECU is vital for fuel delivery control as well as automatic transmission ...
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66 Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) readings - PT Cruiser Forum
According to the reader, the TPS reads 14.5% at idle and 75.3% at wide open ... Can someone let me know if 0.73V at idle and 3.77V WOT is a ...
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67 Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) Operation & Test
To test the TPS sensor you will need a volt meter. You need to back probe the harness while reading the voltage between the TPS and SIG RTN pins.
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68 The old TPS issue.... - Honda Insight Forum
Not sure what you mean by 'only a TP reading not a TPS reading'. 10% closed and 90% open for TPS is typical, correct. Those values should ...
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69 TPS voltage, adjustment, and other things. | GMT400 - GMT400
Tps should read .5v at idle and approximately 4.5 at wot. Coolant temp reading too cold would also cause your rich, black smoke and lope ...
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70 Symptoms of a Bad Throttle Position Sensor - AutoZone
Each of these could be signs that your throttle position sensor isn't ... Be sure to read your owner's manual and compare it with your current sensor when ...
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71 TPS reading - Honda Prelude Forum
Does anyone know what the Tps is suppsoe to read at closed throttle at idle, and for wide open throttle? i know its suppose to be 0% at ...
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72 What is correct voltage reading for tps? | Team Integra Forums
I use voltage meter to check the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor). ... Hopefully, some people can get me what is the correct TPS voltage data.
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73 TPS reading - EvolutionM - Mitsubishi Lancer and Lancer ...
Set the TPS using a multimeter, signal output with throttle closed should be 0.68v to 0.72v. nytalonTSi's Avatar. nytalonTSi , Apr 9, 2011 04:54 PM.
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74 TPS: Throttle Position Sensor on Chrysler vehicles - Allpar
The min and max values are 0.2V and 4.8V, going outside of that range will trip a code. However, typical values are about 0.7V with throttle ...
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75 Bad TPS Ground
Most would. Its very simple to check voltage at the TPS, first the reference volts, then signal return, if both of these show the same reading, ...
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76 TPS percentage readings alittle off?? - Dakota Durango Forum
What is the voltage reading between idle and wot? Iirc tps volts without foot on gas is around .70 volts and ranges to about 3.9-4.3v wide open.
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77 Mustang throttle position sensor - W8JI
If you are going to read TPS voltage, it makes sense to read exactly what the computer should be seeing. Do not read what the manufacturer ...
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78 Throttle position sensor question [TPS] - TCCoA Forums
The proper way to see if the TPS works is to measure the voltage from it. Use a paperclip/pin to read the voltage on the right pin from behind.
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79 TPS adjustment, What Voltage is Yours? -
Use the Mathesis tester or a Digital MilliVoltMeter to read the throttle sensor voltage. To do this you should tap the butterfly with your ...
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80 Fluctuating TPS Signal [Archive] - Forums
The ECU reads a voltage from the TPS so something must be causing some noise in the signal. We have thought it might be that our throttle ...
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81 Adjustment of TPS & APS - Lexus Forum Discussion
1. With the reader connected, and the TPS sensor connected, turn the ignition switch to ON postion. 2. The reading for Throttle Postion should ...
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82 Detailed information about setting your throttle position sensor ...
What does it do when it reads higher? It dumps more fuel because you need more fuel to accellerate. Or it could read the other way around.
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83 TPS voltage | Honda and Acura Car Forums
What is the TPS supposed to read cause mine is 1.1v closed and 3.8v at WOT. ... You have to set the WOT before you can set the idle.
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84 Primary TPS Adjustment Voltage Values - R3Owners
When the function starts, the first thing it asks you to do is set the TPS to read 0.60 volts. Mine was sitting on 0.62 so I made the ...
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85 6 volts at tps reference signal - CK5 Network
Trouble Code 22 indicates that the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) is reading abnormally low. TPS volts should be close to 0.42 V at closed ...
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86 TPS experiment -
1) What is the setting that "Helms" recommends? 2) What exactly is the tps signal used as by the ecu? 3) Does the TPS signal directly affect the ...
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87 TPS reading 5v no matter what. -
Can I take the known working TPS sensor and put it on the throttle body that is currently on the car? How hard is it, is there any danger of ...
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88 Description of the Throttle Position Sensor and Testing ...
The signal wire should show approximately 0.5 to 1.0 volts with the throttle closed. As the throttle is advanced to wide open, the voltage should climb smoothly ...
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89 TPS diagnosis, continued. Help. | Nissan Forums
3V variance).If TPS operates in "limp" mode then you will nt get correct TCU-ECU read-out. Everything will be mixed-up and won't make sense. I' ...
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90 TPS Voltage seems out of range - Full Size Ford Bronco Forum
If you do a bench test on a TPS, you can ONLY use the ohms range. A TPS doesn't generate voltage, it only affects the reference voltage (VREF), ...
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91 Help on Checking TPS on 2.0... - Suzuki Forums
Back (many years ago) when I was working on EFI systems, I remember on that particular system the ECU would take a reading from the TPS on ...
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92 Scangauge Users: What is your TPS reading?
Mine is at about 14 at idle, and 88 at WOT, which makes sense if it's the throttle plate because it would have to be open a little for the ...
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93 How to: - Ford Explorer - Ranger TPS Test Procedure
It should increase smoothly (with no dropouts or jumps) to at least 4.0 volts but less than or equal to 4.80 volts at WOT (mine read 4.64 volts) ...
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94 5.7 vortec Tps reading 0% at idle - GM Truck Club Forum
Relative throttle % might show something, too. The more things you monitor at any one time the slower the gauge can fetch data. So if you ...
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95 TPS Calibration on 3800's - Fast Fieros
If you take the throttle body off, it is recommended you get a new gasket and you must hook up the TPS sensor connector to read its voltage. If you leave it on ...
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