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1 Should I use "So can´t I" or "neither can I"?
If your friend says something positive and you agree with them you can use 'so'. For example: Your friend: I like Alice. You: So do I.
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2 So Do I, Neither Do I | Grammar Exercise -
The structure 'so do I' or 'so am I' is used to add to the sentence before. It uses the same auxiliary verb as in the previous sentence. After ...
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3 How to use SO & NEITHER in English: “So do I”, “Neither am I”…
I will teach you how to use so and neither to show you agree with or have had the same experience as someone. For example, if your friend says, “I like pizza”, ...
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4 So Neither Either differences - English Grammar Rules
SO is used to show agreement with positive statements. ... The Auxiliary (or To Be/Have) needs to agree with the verb tense in the original statement. It is ...
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5 So, Too, Neither and Either - Perfect English Grammar
This is often used as a reply to someone else in a conversation, but both sentences can also be said by the same person, and even joined together: Me: Elizabeth ...
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6 So and Neither | Learn English
If someone says something negative and we agree with them we can use neither. If someone says something positive and we agree with them we can ...
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7 So and neither – so am I, neither do I, etc. - Test English
A2. Pre-intermediate English grammar and exercises. ... To say that A is or does the same as B, we can use so + auxiliary verb + subject in affirmative ...
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8 English grammar - so, neither: explanation
SO is used to show agreement with affirmative statements concerning the speaker or another person. ... Remember : The Auxiliary in the response must agree with ...
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9 So / Neither / Too – How to agree in English
You can say “So am I” and “Neither am I” to respond to simple present sentences with the verb “BE” or present continuous sentences. ... “I studied chemistry in ...
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10 The word "so" – Clear English grammar - Linguapress
So does not quite mean the same as very; it is an intensifier, an adverb of degree qualifying an adjective, and expressing relative high degree, or a perception ...
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11 'so' and 'such' | LearnEnglish - British Council
Adjectives and adverbs. We can use so with an adjective or adverb to make it stronger. It's so hot today! She looks so young in that ...
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12 So that vs. So - Grammar-Quizzes
An action/plan may be followed by so that + a clause that expresses purpose or goal. The clause after so usually includes a modal, such as can, could, will, ...
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13 CAN, COULD, BE ABLE TO | Grammar | EnglishClub
CAN/COULD are modal auxiliary verbs. We use CAN to: a) talk about possibility and ability b) make requests c) ask for or give permission. We use COULD to: ...
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14 So – Too - English Grammar Lesson
Too is used to show agreement with a positive statement. Too appears at the END of a sentence. Too means also. I am happy too. = I am also happy. Too can ...
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15 So / Neither / Either / Too Expressions - GrammarBank
1. Using 'So'. Grammar: So + auxiliary/modal verb + pronoun. Note: We should pay attention to the verb tense used ...
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16 So, too, either and neither | English grammar
So, too, either, neither: this is often used as a reply to someone else in a conversation, but both sentences can also be said by the same person, ...
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17 Can vs Could: How to Use the Modal Verbs Can and Could
... but if you learn English online, you know grammar can be tricky. So can and could are modal auxiliary verbs that express an ability, ...
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18 Can I, Could I, May I? - VOA Learning English
English teachers and parents used to try very hard to get young people to use "may" when ... Everyday Grammar: Modals for Asking Permission.
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19 Can vs. May - The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation
“Can you” would be correct because these questions imply the ability to fulfill the request, not permission to do so. Example: You can eat cake. (You have the ...
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20 How to Use Very, Too and So | English Language Blog - LASC
So, Too, Very Grammar Rules ... Very is used to emphasize an adjective or an adverb. It often has a positive meaning. The book is very interesting ...
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21 English grammar help: how to use 'can', 'may' and 'might'
These three words can sometimes cause quite the confusion. So let's try to change that by getting some more practice in! ... Can – The physical or mental ability ...
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22 So and Neither Tutorial | EFLnet
Home / Grammar / Adjectives and Adverbs / So and Neither Tutorial ... If we use a MODAL(will, would, can, could, may, might, must, shall, should, ...
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23 Can and can't - English Grammar Rules
English can rules with examples, exercises and answers. All English can exercises free and with help function, teaching materials and grammar rules.
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24 auxiliary verbs - so / neither - English grammar reference notes
Tim wants to go and so does Janet. Mandy's not going on the trip and neither is Sue. Auxiliaries follow the grammar of the statement. When used for short ...
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25 Can vs. May: How to Use Them - Merriam-Webster
In reality, can likely has more use in the “permission” sense than is recorded, as it is more informal and so shows up in speech more frequently than may does.
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26 When do you use 'can' and 'could' in English?
Easy Learning Grammar ... I couldn't play chess two years ago, but I can now. ... Winston is so strong he can lift me right off my feet.Can you get up the ...
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27 So, neither and nor | English School Dublin
Do you get bored with English grammar sometimes? So do we! Yes, believe it or not even the experts can find grammar quite boring ...
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28 Using either, neither and too - 5 Minute English
A: I like ice cream. B: Me, too. or I do, too. or So do I. A: I can play the piano. B: Me, ...
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29 So, Too, Neither, Either: Additions and Agreeing in English
learn english grammar online so too either neither ... HOPEFULLY, you answered “no” because your answers should not be the same, ...
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30 Can You Start a Sentence With So? - ProWritingAid
Can you start a sentence with so? Yes, you can start sentences with so. But in some formal writing, it might be better to use another word.
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31 English Grammar: The Difference between 'So' & 'Too' (ESL)
Both are used for emphasis. The sentences, “She is so nice” and “She is very nice” are very similar in meaning (I can't explain the difference but there is ...
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32 Auxiliary Verbs "Can/Could," "May/Might/Must"
... verbs 'can,' 'could,' 'may,' 'might' and 'must' for English grammar. ... You can do whatever you want. ... Used to show that something is very likely:.
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33 If he can do it so can you : r/grammar - Reddit
“If he can do it, so can you” is correct because the “if” at the beginning creates an introductory clause.
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34 English Grammar: How to Use "So" and "Too"
7. Special sentence structure with too: ... This structure is used to explain why someone can't do something. I'm too tired to go out tonight.
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35 Can vs. May in Simple Terms | YourDictionary
The next time someone corrects can to may in your request, let them know that 21st-century use permits you to use both. Learn about other common grammar ...
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36 So that vs. to + infinitive: expressing purpose - Speakspeak
We can use so that + can / could / will be able to / would have to say that one action makes another action possible: I've bought a dictionary so that I can ...
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37 11 common grammar mistakes that make people cringe—and ...
As word experts, we've heard so many managers complain about ... good grammar is relevant for all organizations, and it can make a big ...
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38 So/Neither - Learn English Online
Grammar. On This Page. How to use the words "so" and "neither" in English ... To say that a negative statement applies to you too, you can say "Me neither.
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39 English Grammar Exercises: How Good is Your Grammar?
Here are some English grammar exercises with answers. ... Because we use “just” to mean only very recently, we can also use it in the past simple with ...
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40 so can't I - English Grammar
No. It is wrong in several ways. If that is given as correct it is a problem. In fact I am not even sure what this was trying to say. But I can ...
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41 10 grammar rules you can forget: how to stop worrying and ...
Every situation in which language is used – texting your mates, asking for a pay rise, composing a small ad, making a speech, ...
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42 What Is a Modal Verb? - Ginger Software
Can, Could, Be Able To. Can, could and be able to are used to express a variety of ideas in English: ... Tom can write poetry very well.
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43 So or Such | ENGLISH PAGE
"So" can be combined with "many" or "few" plus a plural noun to show extremes in amount. This form is often used in exclamations. Examples: I never knew you had ...
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44 Can / Be Able To Exercise | esl-lounge Student
I hope to speak English very well after this course finishes. email. Where Now? Intermediate Grammar · Intermediate Vocabulary · Android/iOS App ...
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45 Difference Between Could and Can
Categorized under Grammar | Difference Between Could and Can ... word 'could' is a form of the word 'can', but the two are used in very different contexts.
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46 In order to v So that v To | OLA - Online Language Academy
English Grammar Lesson: So that v In order to v To · 1. I take English classes via Skype so that I can speak more confidently. · 2. I have English classes via ...
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47 "Just Check My Grammar" – The Writing Center • University of ...
“Checking the grammar” can feel uncomfortably close to proofreading and editing ... These ideas are still so powerfully present in writing centers today ...
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48 "Could," "can," and "would" | Britannica Dictionary
Let's look at each one separately, and then compare some of their more confusing uses. Can has many uses as a modal verb, but there are three uses that can ...
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49 word formation wf 2 - English Grammar
The results were very strange! In fact, they were ... so I can't say a word (SECRET) ... 19. I'm not sure at all I really can't say with ...
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50 Either and neither | English Language Help Desk
On this page, you can read about how to use them in negative sentences, in combination with or and nor, and on their own.
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51 Can vs. May: Difference and Examples - Grammar Monster
Can is used to express ability (e.g., I can speak Spanish) or permission in an ... you're hosting royalty or a very pedantic grandparent), you should use ...
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Neither do I/ neither can she (So do I/So does my sister) ... Source: English Grammar Today. ... bread nor cheese so we can't make a cheese sandwich.
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53 So ... as, so ... that, so what? - The Grammarphobia Blog
A: Your two examples are grammatically correct. The adverb “so,” used to modify an adjective or adverb, can be followed by either “as” or “that.
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54 Some vs. Any: How to Use 'SOME' & 'ANY' in English
We generally use 'some' and words that start with 'some' (someone, somebody, etc.) in affirmative sentences. So we can say,.
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55 Grammar Exercise - Can or Can't - My English Pages't.php
come to the party. I am really busy. We. can, can't. hear you. The music is so loud. Where are my keys ...
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56 (English Grammar in Use)Unit51 Auxiliary verbs (have/do/can ...
(English Grammar in Use)Unit51 Auxiliary verbs (have/do/can etc.) I think so/I hope so etc. 프로필. 행복. 2020. 7. 17. 21:28. 이웃추가. 본문 기타 기능.
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57 How to Improve Your Grammar (with Pictures) - wikiHow
› ... › English Grammar
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Complete the sentences below with 'because' or 'so'. (remember to use a comma before 'so'). ... they can travel long distances. ... ...
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59 Even if & even though - Learning English | BBC World Service
Grammar, Vocabulary & Pronunciation ... even if, even though, even, even so ... Could even though be substituted and used instead of even if?
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60 Using "so that" in English - English Study Page
We use “so + that” as a conjunction to introduce clauses of reason and explanation. We can say that it is used to explain why an action is done. Namely;.
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61 The 8 Practical Steps to Learn Grammar Easily - Bilingua
Use each new word as often as you can so you will remember it. Don't worry about grammar until you are comfortable using the words you have ...
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62 "I am done" or "I have done", which is correct? - Basic English ...
Could you please tell me when we use I am done and I have done.” Sure! Nice question! First, let's break down the grammar of these sentences, so that we can ...
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63 English grammar: can you start a sentence with the word “So”?
Simple answer: Yes you can. In old grammar books, you may fin d 'rules' that tell you not to start sentences with a conjunction, but people have been doing it ...
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64 'Such' and 'So' Differences in Grammar for ESL Learners
'So' can also be used to express a result. In this case 'so' is followed by a full clause: Examples: I had a lot of time so I ...
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65 How do I practice all of the grammar rules in my new language?
It's a lot of fun thinking about all of these different languages and their grammar! So let's jump into today's topic: Dear Duolingo, Do you ...
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66 9 English Grammar Rules to Remember
3. Use the correct conjugation of the verb ... This seems like a small mistake to make but unfortunately it's a very noticeable one. So if you can ...
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67 "Can and Could" in English Grammar - Modal Verbs - LanGeek
I like being able to watch my favorite TV shows on YouTube. With verbs such as 'like' we need a gerund after them. So we cannot use ' ...
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68 How to Use "If So" and "As To" in Grammar
Proper grammar and word selection helps make communication more effective. ... Two such phrases are "if so" and "as to. ... If so, she will need a ride.
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69 Difference Between Can and Could (with Comparison Chart)
Ability and Possibility, Present one, In the past ; Request and Permission, Informal, Polite ; Examples, I can't wait as I am already very late.
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70 English ESL SO - NEITHER / NOR (meaning "too") Powerpoint ...
Too and Either Grammar in action to help your English lesson for pre-intermediate students. You could find information about and extra ... 390 Downloads.
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71 Modal Verbs: Definition & Usage Examples | Grammarly Blog
Grammarly can check your spelling and save you from grammar and punctuation mistakes. It even proofreads your text, so your work is extra ...
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72 We or Us - English Grammar Revolution
Pronouns can perform different jobs in sentences, but the only job that the pronoun we ... Boys is the subject of the sentence, so we use the pronoun we.
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73 Lesson 45: One can/cannot – ~ㄹ/을 수 있다/없다
You might not be able to understand all of the grammar within the example ... 일이 생겨서 지금 나갈 수 없어요 = Something urgent came up, so I can't go out
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74 So, Can You Start a Sentence with So? - BusinessWritingBlog
When speaking, using “so” in casual conversation is generally accepted. However, in writing, “so” should not start sentences unless used in dialogue. Throughout ...
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75 So Vs. Too – Ellii Blog - ESL Library
See our Grammar & Usage Resource on So Vs. Too for a larger version of this chart and a handy practice exercise! You can also teach too in ...
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76 Can, Could, and Past Ability Grammar: English Exercises
Learn English grammar to describe past ability using the past of can (could and other phrases) with the games, activities, ... The weather was bad so I
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77 Past tense exercises - Gardes Nature de France
So we'll have a look maybe it might last a bit longer so we'll Past simple ... You can also see which grammar topics are associated with other CEF levels.
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78 Conversational English: How Can I Practice My Speaking and ...
So, here are our tips for improving your grammar, practicing speaking, and learning through unorthodox methods. How can I improve my grammar?
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79 So, neither, nor, either - English Grammar Step by Step
I love peanunts, and4 so does my wife. ... 3 Examples: (Use neither or nor, and the words in brackets.) ... —Neither/Nor will I5. ("Nor" is less formal.) Barely, ...
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80 Grammar Quiz- Because And So Exercises - ProProfs
Do you know where to use 'because' and 'so' in the sentences? ... She has a lot of money ______ she can buy that expensive coat.
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81 7 Grammar Rules You Can (and Should) Break - Copyblogger
If some broken grammar allows your main point to effectively reach your reader, then it was a good choice. The concept of clarity in a fast- ...
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82 Used to, Get used to, Be used to - Exercise - Engblocks
English Grammar Exercise - Used to, Get used to, Be used to|Complete with used to ... traditions so people in this place will never become our good friends.
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83 How to say can (potere): Italian grammar lesson 21
Learn how to use the verb potere in this grammar lesson with rules, ... Potere is also a modal verb (or so-called helper verb) and is followed by a verb in ...
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84 5 Tips to Improve Your Grammar - OSU Writing Center
When you read, you will come across different grammar rules, and then you will naturally reinforce correct grammar usage in your mind. You will ...
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85 Using So that and Example Sentences - Grammar Simple
Let's go to the cinema early so that we can get good seats. ... Using So that and Example Sentences - Grammar Simple Writing Words, Writing Tips, Go.
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86 Chinese le grammar summary (了) - Chinese Boost
This particle is extremely common in Chinese, and that's why learning its grammar can be so tricky. The first thing to remember is that 了actually has many ...
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87 How to Use Should Have, Could Have & Would ... - To Fluency
Alright, it's time for some advanced English grammar! But as you know, here at tofluency we do things in a fun way. In this latest lesson, ...
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88 The Auxiliary Verb | Grammar Bytes!
... so writers use multipart verb phrases to communicate what they mean. As many as four words can comprise a verb phrase. A main or base verb indicates the ...
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89 Intensifiers - so, such, too, enough · English grammar - BitGab
'So' can be used with a 'that clause' to show a result of the first clause. The bed was so uncomfortable that I was barely able to sleep. 'Such' means very ' ...
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90 The Forgotten Helping Verbs -
And can you fit them all into a catchy song? ... We're coming up on National Grammar Day (it's March 4th, as in "march forth"), so we asked ...
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91 'If' And 'Will' *Can* Go Together - ESL Online English Teacher
If and Will in English Grammar and Lexis. ... but just in case you're wondering, you can also use other modal verbs such as might, should, and so on.
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92 How To Use TO And FOR Correctly And Improve Your ESL ...
So, if you are looking to avoid mistakes that make you sound like an ... After listening to this ESL English grammar podcast, you will know ...
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93 GrammarCheck - Check your text online
Now you can grammar and spell check any text or document online. Simply copy and paste your text onto our website to proofread, review, and correct it.
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94 8 Best Interactive Websites for English Grammar Exercises ...
Online grammar exercises give you this opportunity, along with the correct answers so you can check your work.
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