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1 What are the uses of a graph in real life? - Quora
Graphs can be very useful to monitor pupose of the body like heart rate, blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels, temperature. If you have asthma for example ...
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2 Why is Graphing So Important in your Life Anyway?
Graphing is one of those tools that you just cannot be without. Graphs are used in everyday life, from the local newspaper to the magazine stand. It is one of ...
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3 Real World Charts and Graphs | Passy's World of Mathematics
Bar Charts and Column Graphs seem to be used the most; however Pie Charts and Line Graphs are also encountered. Graphs are extremely important ...
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4 What are graphs used for in daily life? -
To illustrate climate change · To show student grades by class or school · To show Stock Market changes · To review annual sales figures ...
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5 Graph theory and its uses with 5 examples of real life problems
What are real life applications of graph theory? · Airline Scheduling (Flow problems) · Directions in a map (Shortest path) · Solving Sudoku's ...
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6 How can graphs be used in real life ? - Vedantu
Some uses of graphs in real life are, 1. Graphs are used in projects and business for comparison between two quantities and observing how each quantity changes ...
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7 Graphs in Everyday Life – Graphs and Networks - Mathigon
The different components of electric circuits and computer chips form a network. The grammatical structure of languages can be modelled using graphs, for ...
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8 Application of Graph Theory in Real Life -
In the real-world, graph theory is used in the internet field, Google maps/ Yahoo maps, social media, web Page searching, City Planning, Traffic ...
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9 Business Graphs and Charts: Importance, Uses, and Examples
Graphs and charts are important because they help an audience to quickly analyze data and see relationships. They help to simplify data so that ...
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10 The Effective Use of Graphs - PMC - NCBI
Graphs are a common method to visually illustrate relationships in the data. The purpose of a graph is to present data that are too numerous or complicated ...
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11 10 Graph Theory Applications In Real Life - Number Dyslexia
Graphs are used to represent code, data, and algorithms. Graphs can be used to represent relationships between people or objects. Graphs also ...
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12 Graphs in everyday life by Savannah Destiny - Prezi
Using graphs in our everyday lives is quite frequent. The planes you go on, footballs you throw, jumping off a cliff, are all things we may do and may not think ...
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13 Misleading Graphs: Real Life Examples - Statistics How To
You might be thinking that the graph on the right shows The Times makes double the sales of The Daily Telegraph. But take a closer look at the scale and you'll ...
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14 Graphs and Charts | SkillsYouNeed
Line graphs show you how numbers have changed over time. They are used when you have data that are connected, and to show trends, for example, average night- ...
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15 Real-life graphs - GCSE Maths Revision - BBC Bitesize - BBC
All real-life graphs can be used to estimate or read-off values. The actual meaning of the values will depend on the labels and units shown on each axis.
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16 Misleading Graphs: Real Life Examples - Pinterest
Misleading Graphs: Figures Not Drawn to Scale. The representation of numbers in graphs should be proportional to the numbers themselves. Otherwise, they mislead ...
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17 Application Of Linear Graphs in Real Life with Examples - Byju's
Application Of Integration:
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18 Real Life Graphs - GCSE - YouTube
Mar 13, 2020
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19 Applications of Graphs to real life problems. Introduction
Universitat Politècnica de València - UPV
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20 bar graph, frequency table - , and - histogram
Real-world data can be easily and accurately represented by using bar graphs, frequency tables and histograms. Although the actual data ...
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21 Types of Graphs and Charts and Their Uses - Intellspot
As the different kinds of graphs aim to represent data, they are used in many areas such as: in statistics, in data science, in math, in economics, ...
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22 Real Life Graphs Teaching Resources
Browse real life graphs resources on Teachers Pay Teachers, ... These activities can be used as a package, or in isolation.
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23 Unit 11: Communicating with Data, Charts, and Graphs
Graphs and charts are very useful for displaying the relationship between quantities quickly and in an accessible form, but these can also be used to mislead ...
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24 Functions in the Real World
As we point out and use functions in real-life settings, we can ask our students to ... but of course, graphs are another effective means of representing ...
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25 6 Real-Life Time Series Graph Examples to Help You Create ...
Yes, you guessed right. Time Series Graphs. This chart is suitable in this scenario because time and dates are continuous, categorical data. Keep reading to ...
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26 3 Knowledge Graphs Used in Everyday Life - Content Rules
A complete knowledge graph of a power grid can be used as a central information resource for the power producer, line operators, service ...
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27 Graphs and Real-Life Applications | by Raj Shah - Medium
In our daily life routines, we use graphs for finding the shortest possible route to someplace using GPS, to get suggestions of nearest ...
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28 Applications of Graph Data Structure - GeeksforGeeks
Google maps uses graphs for building transportation systems, where intersection of two(or more) roads are considered to be a vertex and the road ...
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29 What are some real world applications of graphs?
Flow networks and algorithms like maximum flow can be used in modelling utilities networks (water, gas, electricity), roads, flight scheduling, ...
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30 Why Do We Use Graphs? With Code Examples
How do we use graphs in everyday life? ... Graphs are widely used in businesses. Visual presentation of data makes it easier to understand large amounts of data, ...
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31 7 Looking for relationships: line graphs
In a real context, the names of the variables would be used to give the descriptions a real-world meaning. Page 3. Chapter 7: Looking for relationships: line ...
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32 Line & Bar Graphs | Data Handling & Graphs | Graphical Data
A graph refers to a diagram that is used to represent data, comparing data, etc. Examples of graphs are Line Graph, Bar Graph, a Pie Chart, etc. Line chart ...
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33 Using Real Life Graphs -
Most students should be able to use a straight-line graph model a mathematical procedure. Some students should be able to model situations or procedures by ...
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34 Discrete Mathematics in the Real World - MathILy
Graph theory is used in cybersecurity to identify hacked or criminal servers and generally for network security. Discrete math is used in choosing the most on- ...
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35 Investigating students' responses to others' graphs of a real
It addresses the following research questions: 1) What types of warrants do students use in constructing, critiquing, and revising graphs to match a real-life ...
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36 T test graph generator - Gardes Nature de France
To see it in action: How to use virtual graph paper video. ... a unique theme to clearly understand the usage and necessity of a bar graph in real-life.
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37 8 Examples of How Statistics is Used in Real Life - Statology
Traffic engineers regularly use statistics to monitor total traffic in different areas of a city, which allows them to decide whether or not ...
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38 Investigate, interpret and analyse graphs from real life data
As graphs are commonly used in everyday life is it a useful skill that students can interpret the information displayed on a graph accurately. When interpreting ...
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39 Real World Examples of Quadratic Equations - Math is Fun
Here we have collected some examples for you, and solve each using different methods: Factoring Quadratics · Completing the Square · Graphing Quadratic ...
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40 How to Use Charts and Graphs Effectively - Mind Tools
Bring your data to life with engaging charts and graphs. ... Visual representations help us to understand data quickly. When you show an effective graph or chart, ...
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41 Histogram Uses in Daily Life - StudiousGuy
This enables them to anticipate future similar events, whether floods, droughts, storms, frosts, or snowfalls. Moreover, meteorologists can even use histograms ...
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42 10 Funny Graphs That Perfectly Explain Everyday Life
10 Funny Graphs That Perfectly Explain Everyday Life · 1. Dogs vs Cats: How Much They Miss You · 2. How My Daughter Spends Her Time · 3. A ...
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43 20 Graphing Activities For Kids That Really Raise the Bar
Math students often ask “But when will I use this in real life?” Gathering data and creating maps both have a lot of real-world applications ...
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44 5 Data Visualization - Statistique Canada
Students also find that graphs are easy to use because graphs are made up of lines, dots and blocks—all geometric forms that are simple and ...
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45 Great Graphs, Charts & Tables That Build Real-Life Math ...
Great Graphs, Charts & Tables That Build Real-Life Math Skills: High-Interest Reproducible Activities (Grades 4-8) [Denise Kiernan, Teresa Anderko] on ...
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46 Misleading Statistics – Real World Examples For Misuse of Data
The image below is a great example of this misleading practice. You can see a graph that shows the UK National debt from 1995 to 2016. If you ...
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47 What is Line Graph? Definition, Examples, Reading, Creation ...
Real-life Use of Line Graphs · Mathematicians and statisticians use it to prove and solve their hypotheses and theorems. · Governments and private entities use it ...
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48 How Are Graphs Used in the Real World?
In the real world, graphs are used to help people quickly understand and use information. Examples include graphs used in medicine and in business.
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49 Applying Knowledge Graphs in the Real World
A knowledge graph is an interconnected dataset enriched with semantics so we can reason about the underlying data and use it confidently for ...
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50 An Analysis of the Use of Graphs in People's Daily Life's_Daily_Life
To highlight this phenomenon, empirical evidence is built from the analysis of cultural forms of knowledge concerning the uses of graphs in a ...
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51 14 Best Types of Charts and Graphs for Data Visualization [+ ...
A bar graph should be used to avoid clutter when one data label is long or if you have more than 10 items to compare. Types of charts and graphs ...
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52 Slope - Math Central - University of Regina
Hi Lacey,. Slope is a measure of steepness. Some real life examples of slope include: in building roads one must figure out how steep the road will ...
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53 Tables and Graphs - StudySmarter
Graphs are graphical representations that provide a more visual way to understand and analyze data, showing the relationship between two or more variables.
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54 Graphs in Daily Life Essay Example - StudentShare
Line graphs can also be used in daily life for keeping a record of improvements. These graphs can be used by the organizations as well as students to ...
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55 How can line segments be used to sketch graphs of functions
Line segments represent the information of a given situation. Based upon this one can either interpolate or extrapolate values to predict what could ...
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56 Graphs of Motion - The Physics Hypertextbook
Graphs are often the best way to convey descriptions of real world events in a compact form. Graphs of motion come in several types depending on which of ...
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57 Absolute Value Functions and Graphs - Real World Applications
They will all start to notice that all of their graphs are the same shape. Better yet, they will all notice when someone's graph is different and/or has a ...
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58 Linear Functions in Real-life Examples of Linear Systems
You can use a linear equation to depict almost any circumstance involving an unknown number, such as estimating income over time, computing ...
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59 20 Best Examples of Charts and Graphs - Juice Analytics
Real-life Bar Chart — Mary Pasciak ... Charts can be composed of anything. In this case, beer in glasses provides a visual that is easy to ...
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60 Over 60 New York Times Graphs for Students to Analyze
A collection of graphs, maps and charts organized by topic and graph ... where students from around the world post their observations and ...
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61 Graph Theory 101 - Science in the News
Identifying mathematical graphs (or networks) in everyday life unlocks tools and knowledge that enable us to address more complex questions and ...
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62 Graphs in everyday life - tickLinks
Demonstrate the use of graphs in our daily life. You can use data from your daily life and represent it with the various graphs (Bar, Chart/Graph Pie Chart, ...
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63 Vertex Reordering for Real-World Graphs and Applications
Vertex reordering is a way to improve locality in graph computations. Given an input (or “natural”) order, reordering aims to compute an alternate ...
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64 Modeling with tables, equations, and graphs - Khan Academy
What's really cool is we used these three methods to represent the same relationship. The table allowed us to see exactly how much a pizza with different number ...
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65 Real Life Graphs Worksheets With Answers - Cazoom Maths
The Importance of Real Life Graphs. Graphs are used across many different industries as a way to represent data in an easy to understand format. A real life ...
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66 Real life applications of trigonometry - Mathnasium
It is used in oceanography in calculating the height of tides in oceans. The sine and cosine functions are fundamental to the theory of periodic functions, ...
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67 How can graphs be used in real life? -
Graphs in the Real WorldGraphs are used to present this information so that it is easier to understand. ... For example, a line graph is used to ...
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68 Graph theory - Wikipedia
In mathematics, graph theory is the study of graphs, which are mathematical structures used ... Emphasizing their application to real-world systems, the term network is ...
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69 What graphs do people really use in practice? | ASA Connect
Since I don't practice actual statistics and data science in the "real world", I feel like a fraud telling my students what graphs are ...
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70 An introduction to networks - Math Insight
Here, we'll use the terms network and graph interchangeably. Networks can represent all sorts of systems in the real world. For example, one could describe the ...
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71 Various Graphs and Their Applications in Real World – IJERT
Graphs are used to model many problem of the real word in the various fields. Graphs are extremely power full and yet flexible tool to model. Graph theory ...
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72 Chapter 13: Bar Graphs & Line Plots
Big Idea: Bar graphs and line plots help to organize data. Bar graphs are used to compare data. Line plots show how data is spread out.
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73 Functions - In the Real World - Shmoop
Lots of things in real life, such as population sizes or the height of something thrown into the air, can be measured to generate graphs with familiar shapes, ...
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74 Real Life Graphs - PixiMaths
Conversion graphs is a complete lesson with a discussion starter and three visual explanations. · Real life graphs features distance-time graphs and capacity- ...
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75 Yes, You Can Use Knowledge Graphs In Real Life!
Knowledge Graph Conference
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76 Graphs, a More Human Way to Visualise Data
Humans are wired to make connections. · This is why humans use concepts maps, fishbone diagrams, charts, matrices, graphs and all sorts of ...
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77 What are the Applications of Graphs in Computer Science?
It models relationships between data items. Using graphs to model real-world phenomena is not a new idea. In 1736, Leonhard Euler has invented the graph data ...
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78 1.3: Rates of Change and Behavior of Graphs - Math LibreTexts
Use a graph to determine where a function is increasing, decreasing, or constant. Use a graph to locate local maxima and local minima.
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79 Graph visualization use cases: Law and fraud
In the first of three blog posts, we explore the real world applications for graph visualization starting with law enforcement and fraud ...
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80 Graph Plotter - Transum
Can you draw pictures with graphs? Graph Picture. Model real life situations by translating them into algebraic equations and by using graphs. Sine wave.
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81 What is a graph (data structure)? -
Graphs are used to solve real-life problems that involve representation of the problem space as a network. Examples of networks include telephone networks, ...
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82 Creating Bar Graphs | Reading Rockets
Real-life scientists use charts and graphs as a way to organize and understand the information they have gathered. Young scientists can do the same!
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83 New GCSE: Real Life Graphs - Resourceaholic
I don't often use card sorts but I remember this one working well. There's also a good real life graph card sort from Nuffield.
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84 what is a line graph, how does a line ... - storytelling with data
Line graphs (or line charts) are best when you want to show how the value of something changes over time, or compare how several things change ...
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85 Top 10 Most Important Application of Statistics in Daily Life
For example: if someone has to predict about future outbreak of a disease and how the disease can become pandemic, statistics and graphs about ...
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86 13 Types of Graphs and Charts (Plus When To Use Them)
Graphs and charts can organize and present complex data making it easier for people to understand and are commonly used for business purposes.
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87 Helping Students See How Graphs Work | Edutopia
A group of students watching a teacher draw a graph on a blackboard. © Students see graphs in their daily lives, and ...
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88 Take a good look around you, cite some real-life examples ...
I think that the easiest example to cite relates to the sine cosine functions.You can relate either sine or cosine to the movement of a spring, or the ...
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89 Reading: Types of Graphs | Microeconomics - Lumen Learning
Now that you are familiar with pie graphs, bar graphs, and line graphs, how do you know which graph to use for your data? Pie graphs are often better than line ...
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90 Continuous and Discrete Functions - MathBitsNotebook(A1
Why do we care? When graphing a function, especially one related to a real-world situation, it is important to choose an appropriate domain (x-values) for ...
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91 Knowledge Organiser: Graphs: The basics and real life graphs
a conversion graph and use this to solve problems. • Interpret real life graphs, including distance-time and conversion graphs. • Calculate the gradient.
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92 Good and bad graphs. - IASE
It is not good practice to use a pie chart with just two values. Many more examples of real life bad graphs can be seen on websites such as. Junk Charts http:// ...
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93 Data Structures and Algorithms in Everyday Life - Programiz
Social media is a great example of a graph being used. Social media uses graphs to store information about each user. Here, every user is a node ...
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94 Using Graphs and Visual Data in Science - Visionlearning
Visual representations of scientific data have been used for centuries – in the 1500s, for example, Copernicus drew schematic sketches of planetary orbits ...
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95 A Study of Regular and Irregular Neutrosophic Graphs ... - MDPI
Graph theory has many real-life applications for problems in computer applications, systems analysis, computer networks, transportation, operations research, ...
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