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1 An Overview of the Thyroid Gland and Thyroid-Related ... - NCBI
This article provides an in-depth review of the thyroid gland, thyroid hormones, and thyroid diseases, including potential thyroid-related deaths and incidental ...
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2 Articles - Thyroid Research - BioMed Central
Presenting cutting-edge research in all aspects of thyroid hormones and thyroid diseases, Thyroid Research is an open access journal for researchers, ...
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3 Thyroid diseases | Nature Reviews Endocrinology
Read the latest Research articles in Thyroid diseases from Nature Reviews Endocrinology.
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4 Thyroid Disease articles - The New England Journal of Medicine
This review addresses drug-induced thyroid dysfunction, emphasizing clinically relevant interactions and laboratory assay artifacts.
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5 Thyroid® | Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers
The leading, peer-reviewed resource for original articles, patient-focused reports, and translational research on thyroid cancer and all ...
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6 Journal of Thyroid Research | Hindawi
Journal of Thyroid Research publishes articles on the molecular and cellular biology, ... Cytological analyses of the nodules were reviewed and sorted as ...
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7 Thyroid hormone in health and disease in
Article Type: Other ... This review describes the current evidence of the effects of thyroid hormone on the cardiovascular, skeletal and neurological ...
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8 The Diagnosis and Management of Thyroid Nodules: A Review
ContextPatients with serum thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) levels ... Previous review articles and position statements differ in their ...
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9 A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Patient ... - Frontiers
Background: The standard of care in management of hypothyroidism is treatment with levothyroxine (L-T4). ... SYSTEMATIC REVIEW article.
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10 Annals of Thyroid: Home
The Annals of Thyroid publishes Original Articles, Editorials, Case Reports and Reviews on all aspects of thyroid, covering hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, ...
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11 Hypothyroidism - The Lancet
View related content for this article ... Subclinical hypothyroidism has been reviewed in a previous Lancet Seminar. Cooper DS; Biondi B.
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12 SARS-CoV-2:emerging role in pathogenesis of thyroid diseases
Emerging reports clearly show the involvement of SARS-CoV-2 in diverse thyroid disorders. Thus, this review article aims to review ...
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13 New Insights and Clinical Management of Thyroid Diseases
Interests: growth processes of the thyroid gland; ... Research articles, review articles as well as short communications are invited.
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14 Thyroid Dysfunction in the General Population | The Journal of ...
Journal Article. The Thyroid Epidemiology, Audit, and Research Study: Thyroid Dysfunction in the General Population. R. W. V. Flynn,.
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15 Hypothyroidism Article - StatPearls
Untreated hypothyroidism increases morbidity and mortality. This activity reviews etiology, clinical presentation, diagnosis, and management of ...
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Hypothyroidis the most common. thyroid malfuntion but it is possible to have. a hyperactive thyroidgland. 3. Review Article ISSN: 2277-8713.
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17 Infiltration of the thyroid gland by non-thyroid malignancy
This review examines cases of hyperthyroidism associated with metastases affecting the thyroid gland. Results. Twenty four articles describing 26 cases of ...
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18 Thyroid News and Research Articles
Endocrine news provides the latest news and research articles on thyroid conditions and ... A new review from @rmirmira Stress responses in the β cell with ...
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19 Thyroid and COVID-19: a review on pathophysiological ...
Thyroid dysfunction has been observed in patients with COVID-19, ... Case reports, original articles, randomized controlled trials, reviews, ...
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20 Thyroid Research Articles & Journals | Touch Endocrinology
Discover peer reviewed journals, articles and videos on the topic of thyroid at ... Thyroid disorders encompass primary thyroid disease (hypothyroidism, ...
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21 Utility of Antibodies in the Diagnoses of Thyroid Diseases
This review paper aims to determine if antibodies are beneficial in detecting autoimmune thyroid disease or not. We have also discussed the ...
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22 Thyroid Disorders | Pediatrics In Review - AAP Publications
After completing this article, readers should be able to: ... In this review, the term thyroid hormone (TH) refers to thyroxine (T4) and ...
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23 Goiter, Hypothyroidism, Thyroid disorders, Thyroid - JCDR
"Thank you very much for having published my article in record time. ... Various Possible Toxicants Involved in Thyroid Dysfunction: A Review.
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24 Thyroid Diseases and Cerebrovascular Disease | Stroke
We retrieved articles and reviewed the references cited. ... Autoimmune thyroid disease and giant cell arteritis: a review, case report andepidemiological ...
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25 Hypothyroidism: Practice Essentials, Background ...
A literature review by Lee et al indicated that pathologically confirmed Hashimoto thyroiditis has been identified in cases of papillary thyroid ...
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26 Review of Factors Contributing to Nodular Goiter and Thyroid ...
There is an increased incidence of thyroid nodules and cancer. In this article, the reasons for this increase are evaluated and discussed.
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27 Thyroid cancer: ESMO Clinical Practice Guidelines for ...
Randomised clinical trial (RCT) data on the management of thyroid cancer (TC) are ... TNM staging requires a complete review of prognostically relevant ...
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28 Thyroid Storm: An Updated Review - SAGE Journals
In 1993, a landmark article by Burch and Wartofsky assigned a numerical score to each of the different signs and symptoms of thyroid storm and established ...
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29 The interface between thyroid and diabetes mellitus - Duntas
Summary Thyroid disease and type 1 but also type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM) are ... we included pathway-specific data and review articles.
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30 Hyperfunctioning thyroid carcinoma: A systematic review
Full‑text articles were identified using the terms, 'hyperfunctioning thyroid carcinoma/cancer', 'malignant hot/toxic thyroid nodule', or ' ...
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31 Update on thyroid ultrasound: a narrative review from diagno...
Pathologically, most thyroid nodules are benign, with a malignancy ... For example, a review article, “Whether ultrasound examination should ...
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32 The Thyroid: Review of Imaging Features and Biopsy ...
US features of thyroid nodules are discussed later in the article. Figure 2 Transverse US image shows the homogeneous echogenicity of the normal ...
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33 Screening and Treatment of Thyroid Dysfunction - ACP Journals
This updated review for the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force ... English-language articles only, no treatment study performed in the ...
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34 Annals of Thyroid Research - Austin Publishing Group
Annals of Thyroid Research is an open access, scholarly journal committed to publish articles in all areas of Thyroid Research. After Peer Review Process.
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35 Thyroid Disorders in Children and AdolescentsA Review
nodules, and thyroid cancer in children and adolescents. Eighty-three publications were selected for inclusion in this article based on their relevance to ...
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36 Frequency of Thyroid Dysfunctions during Interferon Alpha ...
Autoimmune thyroiditis has been reported in up to 20% of the patients during IFN-based therapies in a review article [13]. Thyroid ...
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37 Outpatient Endocrine Diagnosis and Treatment of Thyroid ...
Critical evaluation of care is the duty of doctors assisting patients in a public central university hospital as defined by the Institutional Review Board.
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38 Thyroid Problems & Disease - Types & Causes - WebMD
Medically Reviewed by Nayana Ambardekar, MD on July 28, 2021 ... Through the hormones it produces, the thyroid gland influences almost all of the metabolic ...
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39 Thyroid dysfunction and thyroid autoimmunity in euthyroid ...
OBJECTIVE: Thyroid disease is the second most common endocrine condition in women ... Thyroid hormones are involved in control of. ... To cite this article.
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40 The Role of Nuclear Medicine in the Clinical Management of ...
This article will focus on the role of nuclear medicine in the ... Clinical review 84: thyroid autonomy: mechanism and clinical effects.
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41 Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) (Beyond the Basics)
Literature review current through: Oct 2022. | This topic last updated: Apr 20, 2021. Please read the Disclaimer at the end of this page. HYPOTHYROIDISM ...
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42 Thyroid Hormone Regulation of Metabolism
This review will examine the various sites of TH action and mechanisms that mediate metabolic regulation, focusing on the interaction among the pathways that ...
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43 Hypothyroidism | Hashimoto's Disease - MedlinePlus
Hypothyroidism, or underactive thyroid, happens when your thyroid gland doesn't make enough thyroid hormones to meet your body's needs.
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44 Mechanisms of thyroid hormone action - JCI
Here, we review how clinical observations and animal models have shaped our ... Thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), secreted by the anterior pituitary in ...
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45 Effect of iodinated contrast media on thyroid: a brief review
The September 2022 issue of the Journal of Health Sciences is out. It contains research articles in physical therapy, health nutrition, sanitary ...
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46 Thyroid And Aging - Endocrine Practice
Subclinical thyroid disease: scientific review and guidelines for diagnosis and management. JAMA. 2004; 291 (et al): 228-238. View in Article.
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47 View of Thyroid Hormones in the Human Body: A review
Open Access Full Text Article Review Article ... The two important hormones produced by the thyroid gland are Thyroxine (T4) and Triiodothyronine(T3).
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48 Hypothyroidism: Causes, symptoms, and treatment
Hypothyroidism is when the thyroid gland is not making enough hormones for good health. Symptoms can progress ... How we reviewed this article: Sources.
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49 Graves' Disease Thyroid Color-Flow Doppler Ultrasonography ...
dos Santos, T. , Pina, R. , de Souza, M. and Chammas, M. (2014) Graves' Disease Thyroid Color-Flow Doppler Ultrasonography Assessment: Review Article.
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50 The Association of Thyroid Disease and Oral Lichen Planus
thyroid diseases has been questionable. Hence, we performed this review and meta-analysis. We ultimately included eight articles that met ...
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51 6 Common Thyroid Problems and Diseases - Healthline
Common thyroid disorders include Hashimoto's disease, Graves' disease, and goiter. ... How we reviewed this article: Sources. History.
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52 Journal of Endocrinology and Thyroid Research
journal of Endocrinology and Thyroid Research (JETR) works mainly on the publication of the ... Pubmed Indexed Articles ... Review Article February 04, 2022.
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53 Down Syndrome and Thyroid Disorders: A Review - DSE Library
Thirty-five percent had evidence of thyroid dysfunction; subclinical hypothyroidism 12%, definite hypothyroidism 8%, hyperthyroidism 3%. As well as an increase ...
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54 Risk of perioperative thyroid storm in hyperthyroid patients
Fig 1Flowchart of the literature review. ∗A total of 58 articles did not meet domain, determinant, outcome (DDO) criteria. Domain criteria were ...
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55 Development and challenges of differentiated thyroid cancer
Review Article. Development and challenges of differentiated thyroid cancer. Yue Zhao1,2*, Xiulong Niu3*, Bingjie Wu4, Tongshuo Zhang2, Jipeng Jiang2, ...
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56 Effects of Increased Iodine Intake on Thyroid Disorders
This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the ... This review focused on the effects of iodine excess worldwide and ...
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57 Role of dietary factors in thyroid disorders: Current evidences ...;year=2020;volume=17;issue=3;spage=104;epage=109;aulast=Bashar
In this review, we examine the scientific evidence of the effect of various dietary elements in causation, ... How to cite this article:
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58 Diet and thyroid - myths and facts Sharma R, Bharti S, Kumar KH;year=2014;volume=3;issue=2;spage=60;epage=65;aulast=Sharma
In this article, we review the role of dietary micronutrients in ... Keywords: Diet, goiter, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, thyroid ...
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59 Medullary thyroid carcinoma: a narrative historical review
This article aims to present a historical review of the evolution of our understanding of MTC and its tumor marker calcitonin. A literature search of ...
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60 Hypothyroidism: An Update - AAFP
Autoimmune thyroid disease is the most common etiology of hypothyroidism in the ... A more recent article on hypothyroidism is available.
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61 Thyroid Profile of the Reference United States Population
In a recent review article, [20] discuss the role of abnormal TSH levels on bone, heart, brain, and immune system as well as thyroid and ...
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62 A Review of Literature on Thyroid Hormone Disorders ...
How to cite this article: Azad Reza Mansourian , 2014. A Review of Literature on Thyroid Hormone Disorders Originated from Extra Thyroidal Illness.
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63 Overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism) - NHS
a thyroid storm – a sudden and life-threatening flare-up of symptoms. Find out more about the complications of an overactive thyroid. Page last reviewed: 24 ...
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64 American Thyroid Association | ATA
The American Thyroid Association® (ATA) is the professional home for clinicians and researchers dedicated to thyroid health. Learn more and join us.
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65 Review on Thyroid Disorders, Epidemiology and Treatment ...
This review emphasizes the various disorders of thyroid gland and, its epidemiology and treatment ... Figures and Tables from this paper.
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66 Agent Orange Exposure And VA Disability Compensation
Scientific or medical evidence stating that the condition you have is caused by Agent Orange. Scientific proof may include an article from a ...
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67 Treatment by Cancer Type - NCCN
Thyroid Carcinoma. Version: 3.2022. Uterine Neoplasms. Version: 1.2022. Vulvar Cancer. Version: 2.2022. Waldenström Macroglobulinemia / Lymphoplasmacytic ...
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68 Hypothyroidism Nursing Diagnosis and Care Plans
Verywell Health articles are reviewed by board-certified physicians and healthcare professionals. These medical reviewers confirm the content is ...
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69 Pituitary Gland: What It Is, Function & Anatomy - Cleveland Clinic
Thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH): TSH stimulates your thyroid to produce thyroid hormones that manage your metabolism, energy levels and ...
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70 NCI Dictionary of Cancer Terms
Prostate Cancer · Skin Cancer · Thyroid Cancer · Uterine Cancer · All Cancer Types ... Step 3: Peer Review and Funding Outcomes.
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71 New weight-loss drugs are highly effective, so why aren't they ...
Create your free profile or log in to save this article ... ago after a thyroid problem made it seem impossible for her to lose weight.
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72 Why you should not ignore constipation, receding hairline ...
A goitre, often known as a noticeable lump, can develop on your neck as a result of swelling of the thyroid glands in the neck.
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73 Endocrine system - Wikipedia
Article Talk · Language · Watch · Edit. The endocrine system is a messenger system comprising feedback loops of the hormones ... In humans, the major endocrine glands are the thyroid gland and the ...
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74 thyroid symptoms in male - ISOTROP
Hypothyroidism is treated by replacement therapy of the thyroid hormone in form ... Verywell Health articles are reviewed by board-certified physicians and ...
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75 What Is The GOLO Diet And Can It Help You Lose Weight?
GOLO reviews are mixed, so you may be wondering whether it really works. ... But in that case, it's thyroid hormones they're missing, ...
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76 ClinicalKey - Lead with Answers

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77 Global Cancer Observatory
A systematic review and critical appraisal of the early evidence. ... Happy to share that our paper on survival for breast, cervical, and colorectal cancer ...
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78 Rethinking Hypothyroidism - The University of Chicago Press
Many doctors have shrugged off their complaints, believing these symptoms to be unrelated to the thyroid disease. In ...
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79 Weight-Loss Prescription Medication | Wegovy™ (semaglutide ...
Possible thyroid tumors, including cancer. Tell your healthcare provider if you get a lump or swelling in your neck, hoarseness, trouble swallowing, ...
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80 American Cancer Society | Information and Resources about ...

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81 Remarks on the Function of the Thyroid Gland: A Critical and ...
Horsley, V., 1892: Remarks on the Function of the Thyroid Gland: A Critical and Historical Review.
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82 Autoimmune Thyroid Pathology - Specificity of the Pediatric Age
In this review article the incidence, as well as the clinical manifestation and accompanied pathologies of ATD in specific genetic syndromes will be ...
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83 Endocrine Pathology, An Issue of Surgical Pathology Clinics
The authors of the first article carefully review the many pitfalls in thyroid cytopathology (and how to avoid them). The next outstanding review not only ...
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84 Combination Therapy for Hypothyroidism
In this Research Topic “combination therapy for hypothyroidism,” we ... A third article by Stamatouli et al. reviews the effect of thyroid hormone ...
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85 The Legacy of Dr. Leonard D. Kohn to Thyroid Pathophysiology
Dedication to Quality Each Frontiers article is a landmark of the highest quality, thanks to genuinely collaborative interactions between authors and review ...
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86 Year Book of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine 2014
This is an interesting review article that lists the recognized aggressive variants of thyroid cancer and discusses their histologic features and briefly ...
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87 Medifocus Guidebook On: Thyroid Cancer
10 Ordering Full-Text Articles . ... 50 Review Articles . ... 83 Differentiated Thyroid Carcinoma Articles .
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88 Environmental Health Perspectives: Supplements
These reviews leave no doubt that thyroid hormone deficit or excess during ... Our goal in this article is to briefly review the data that have led us to ...
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89 A Review of the Use of Ionizing Radiation for the Treatment ...
A Report of the Committee to Review the Use of Ionizing Radiation for the ... with an increased incidence of thyroid cancer in individuals subjected in ...
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